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Vilnius Research Я4С-97
Digital multimeter
Я4С-97 front panel

Compatible with Soviet 7000-series clones

Produced from 1978 to (?)

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The Я4С-97 is a digital multimeter plug-in for Soviet 7000-series clones. It is roughly analogous to the Tek 7D13.

Significant differences to the 7D13 include:

  • 2 kV and 20 kV ranges using an external 100:1 probe
  • mode and range switches are separate
  • probe connector is a Soviet 8-pin rectangular type
  • all modes except current need a special probe

Key Specifications

Voltage ranges 2 V to 20 kV in decade steps
Current ranges 2 mA to 2 A in decade steps
Resistance ranges 200 Ω to 2 MΩ in decade steps
Temperature range −40 to 120 °C

The internal architecture of the Я4С-97 seems to be very similar to the 7D13, even down to the 2 kHz clock and the transistor-based temperature sensor (which uses a transistor type 2T3316-1 as the probe). However, there is no DAC included for the readout, because the mainframe readout interface is digital, not analogue.