The Tektronix 690SR is a high-resolution RGB color video monitor with a Trinitron tube.

Tektronix 690SR
RGB color video monitor
Tektronix 690SR

Produced from 1981 to (?)

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(All manuals in PDF format unless noted otherwise)

Key Specifications

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  • horizontal scan rates from 15 kHz to 37.5 kHz
  • accommodates conventional interlaced raster display formats including the standard 525-line and 625-line television systems and can operate at more than 1024 lines per frame for computer applications
  • delta-gun, dot-shadowmask CRT with 0.31 millimeter triad spacing
  • ~1800 phosphor dots vertically and 1400 horizontally for each color


Documents Referencing 690SR

Document Class Title Authors Year Links
Tekscope 1981 V13 N2.pdf Article A High Resolution Color Picture Monitor for Television and Laboratory Use Joe Hallett John Horn 1981


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