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John J. Horn (? – ?)

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Products by John Horn

Model Class Description Designers Introduced
W Plug-in 8-23 MHz differential comparator John Horn 1965

Components by John Horn

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Patents by John Horn

Page Office Number Title Inventors Company Filing date Grant date
Patent US 3559082A US 3559082A Circuit for providing a plurality of selectable sweep waveforms John Horn Tektronix Inc 1968-02-28 1971-01-26
Patent US 3558916A US 3558916A Responsive to input signals of a selectable duration John Horn Tektronix Inc 1968-02-28 1971-01-26
Patent US 3781470A US 3781470A Phase control system for signal conditioning circuits John Horn Tektronix Inc 1971-10-27 1973-12-25
Patent US 4648113A US 4648113A Method and apparatus for providing a visual indication of a relationship between two signals John Horn Daniel G. Baker Tektronix Inc 1985-09-11 1987-03-03
Patent US 4896149A US 4896149A Addressing structure using ionizable gaseous medium Thomas S. Buzak Paul C. Martin Harold Wayne Olmstead John Horn Tektronix Inc 1988-01-19 1990-01-23