The CP4165 is a computer which was manufactured by Tektronix. It was designed around DECs LSI-11 chipset (KD-11F) and is fully compatible to the PDP-11/03. The computer has 28k words of memory with short-time battery backup. The computer was available with CP-Bus or GPIB interface. The CP115 Dual Floppy Diskette Drive was used to load the TEK SPS BASIC system software and to store data. In February 1977 the standard cost of the computer without the interfaces was $7500.

Tektronix CP4165
PDP11/03 compatible computer
CP4165 computer

Produced from (?) to (?)

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PCBs used in the computer

pcb part number Description Price
Oct 1986
670-4810-00 $110
670-4814-01 $28
670-4817-00 $1100
670-4818-00 $31
670-4819-00 $345
670-4820-00 $155
672-0607-00 ?
672-0608-00 ?
672-0609-00 $1040