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Tektronix DSA601/602
500 MS/s Digital Scope
Tektronix DSA602A

Produced from 1990 to 1995

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(All manuals in PDF format unless noted otherwise)
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The Tektronix DSA601 and DSA602 are digital scopes with waveform processing capabilities from the 1990s. They accept up to three 11000-series plug-ins. The display is a touchscreen, with a grid of infrared beams used as the sensor.

Both instruments have IEEE-488 (GPIB) and RS-232 interfaces for remote control and waveform export. There are "A" models that have a floppy drive for waveform storage.

Full calibration of a DSA600 requires the use of the TEKCATS software.

Key Specifications

Inputs 3 amplifier bays, up to 12 channels (using 11A34 plug-ins)
Resolution 8 bits; averaging of N acquisitions increases by log2(N) up to 14 bits
Display resolution 50 pixels/Div
Sample rate DSA601, max 1 GS/s; DSA602, max 2 GS/s (one channel, left plugin) Note 1
Record length 512 to 32768 samples
Sweep rate 50 ps/Div Note 2 to 100 s/Div
ENOB 7.2 bit up to 10 MHz, 6.3 bit @ 250 MHz, 5.7 bit @ 500 MHz, 4.5 bit @ 1 GHz
Screen magnetic deflection color computer monitor, 10" diagonal (130 mm × 168 mm), 552×704 pixels, 22×11 infrared touch-screen grid
Power 90-132 V or 180-250 V, 48-72 Hz, 465 W (DSA601A) / 585 W (DSA602A)
  • Automated signal measurements (rise, fall, period, frequency, width, delay, phase, duty cycle etc.)
  • Averaging
  • "Act on Delta" acquisition
  • X-Y mode
  • FFT: complex, forward and reverse, max. 16384 points; windows: Rectangular, Bartlett, Hanning, Hamming, Blackman, Blackman-Harris
  • Hardcopy to various Tek, Epson and HP printers or HPGL plotters, via RS-232, GPIB, parallel port or disk file

Note 1:

The 8-bit digitizers in the DSA 601 and DSA 602 have a maximum rate of 500 MSamples/s. The DSA 601 has two such digitizers and the DSA 602 has four. The digitizers can be used independently or can be ganged together in interleaved mode for higher sample rates. Interleaving gives the DSA601 a single-channel maximum sample rate of 1 GSamples/s and the DSA602 2 GSamples/s (realtime).

Note 2:

Using Effective Time sampling, the DSA602A resolution increases to 50 ps/div (effective sampling rate of 1000 GS/s). Math operations allow averaging and calculation of statistics to extract the characteristics of the signal and its anomalies.

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  Year 1990 1993 1995
DSA601(A) Catalog price $21,025 $24,745
In 2022 Dollars $47,700 $50,700
DSA602(A) Catalog price $28,500 $32,635 $34,600
In 2022 Dollars $64,600 $66,900 $67,300