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Clearing NVRAM

The non-volatile RAM in the DSA601 and DSA602 can be erased by simultaneously pressing the WAVEFORM and TRIGGER major menu buttons on the front panel while powering up the instrument. The buttons should be released as soon as the lights adjacent to the major menu buttons stop flickering during the power-up sequence.

When non-volatile memory is successfully erased, the message, "TekSecure Erase Memory Status: erased; Instrument ID, on time, and number of power-ups retailed" will be displayed on the screen.

Specifically all locations in NVRAM where settings can be stored are written of with FFFF (hex) and all locations where waveforms can be stored are written over with ABCD (hex). The instrument serial number, accumulated power-on time, and number of power-ups are retained. Enhanced Accuracy calibration is lost.

Factory Calibration information is retained, however this information is not writable by the user.

Board Repair and SRAM issue fix