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Tektronix HC100
color plotter
Tektronix HC100

Produced from 1987 to (?)

(All manuals in PDF format unless noted otherwise)
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The Tektronix HC100 is a DIN A4 flatbed pen plotter. It appears to be a rebranded Epson HI-80 (introduced around 1982) with added GPIB interface and HPGL command set.

It handles paper up to A4 size with a plotting area of up to 267 mm x 192 mm (10.5" x 7.6"), and has four pens within an exchangeable pen cassette. Available pens included felt-tip and ballpoint.

On each side a serrated metal paper roller and rubber wheel grip the paper and move it back and forth (along the long dimension) while the pen holder moves from right to left (along the short dimension).