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Hi Gregor, I think you may have got your mixers in a twist <g> - U3051 is clearly a mixer and U3031 a distribution amplifier in the diagram you included in 155-0286-00 and 155-0287-00, could you please cross-check with the parts list? thanks! --Peter (talk) 08:04, 10 July 2021 (PDT)

Hi Peter, thanks for pointing this out! Sadly, the part list of the 494 (I am referring to Tek 494 & 494P Service Manual Volume 2 (PDF) page 26 lists them the other way around. I will keep an eye on this and if I open my 494 the next time take bord photos and try to clear that confusion up. I could not find any infos on the 155-0286-00, or 155-0287-00 hybrids anywhere else sadly. ( I also looked in the available Tek internal hybrid catalogs or ebay pictures). Gregor (talk) 09:51, 12 July 2021 (MDT)

Sorry for the C1002 mishap, deletions were not intended! Cheers, --Peter (talk) 08:32, 20 May 2022 (PDT) -> No worries :) Gregor Gregor (talk) 21:15, 23 May 2022 (CEST)