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Tektronix 012-0482-00
Precision 36" 50 Ω BNC Cable

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The 012-0482-00 is a 50 Ω 1% BNC to BNC cable and is made from RG-223 50 Ω double-braid shielded coaxial cable (or equivalent) with special true 50 Ω BNC connectors made specifically for Tektronix, and is exactly 36" from end-to-end.

It is used primarily with the SG503 Leveled Sine Wave Generator.

Key Specifications

Length 36" / 914.4mm
Cable 50 Ω ±1 Ω RG223, Double shielded silver plated copper shield, Silver plated copper center conductor P/N: 175-1455-00
Connector Male BNC, 50 Ω, 500 V, RG55/58/223, Crimp style P/N: 131-0125-00