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015-0385-00 Diplexer

The Tektronix 015-0385-00 is a diplexer to be used with 49X-series, 475X-series, and 279X-series spectrum analyzers to connect external waveguide mixers such as the WM490.

It comes with a semi-rigid SMA-cable and a TNC to SMA adapter to fit the 1st LO out and IF in connectors of the spectrum analyzer.

The waveguide mixer is connected through a single SMA cable that carries LO, IF, and dc bias signals. The TNC external mixer connector on the spectrum analyzer front panel is not only the sink for the 2.072 GHz IF signals from the mixer, but provides the adjustable dc bias that ensures best conversion gain of the mixer depending on the operating frequency. For the 49X- and 475X-series spectrum analyzers the dc bias is a front panel control, while it can be mapped to the user definable knob for the 279X-series.