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Tektronix 067-0544-00
647A Calibration Plug-In
Tektronix 067-0544-00

Compatible with 647

Produced from 1965 to (?)

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The Tektronix 067-0544-00 is a calibration plug-in for the 647A which also works with the 647. It was a redesign of the 10/11M1, which was designed for the 647. The 035-5001-00 is most likely an engineering prototype.

Note from one of the manuals:

The 10/11M1 was supposed to have been redesignated 067-0522-00 but it never happened. Instead, the 10/11M1 was redesigned for the 647A and will work just as well in the 647. The new design is called 067-0544-00 and it replaces the 10/11M1.

John Mulway
Product Technical Information
January, 1967

The 067-0544-00 is shown on page 10 of the 1980 Calibration Fixtures Catalog.

Key Specifications

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The 10/11M1 was designed for use with the 647.


Given the 035- prefix, this is likely an engineering prototype of the 067-0544-00.


Latest version, redesigned to work with both the 647 and the 647A.