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Tek 067-0508-00 3.jpg

The Tektronix 067-0508-00 Amplitude Calibrator generates a square-wave with two precisely controlled voltages and 50 Ω impedance at both voltages.

This could be achieved by a 50 Ω resistor in series with the output of an amplifier with 0 Ω output resistance (e.g., an opamp with plenty of negative feedback). But that is not how Tektronix did it. They used a 50 Ω shunt resistance at the output, and a precision DC current source that can be steered toward the output or toward a dummy current sink transistor. The built-in multivibrator controls the steering of the current.

The output is through a GR-874 connector. The 067-0515-00 precision 50 Ω terminator is intended to be used with the 067-0508-00.