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1103 front

The Tektronix 1103 is a standalone probe power supply that enables probes with Tekprobe BNC connectors to be used with older equipment.

The original version uses a traditional linear power supply with a mains-frequency transformer and LM317T / LM337T regulators.

Later versions changed to an external 12 VDC, 2.5 A supply, with switching regulators providing the four output voltages.


Power input 87 to 128 VAC (low) or 174 to 250 VAC (high), 48 to 440 Hz, ≤35 W
Power output +15 V, −15 V, +5 V, −5 V ; ±2% each ; ≤300 mA each
Offset control +1 to −1 V, course and fine control, 0 V when disabled



Internal PSU model

External PSU model