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The TD1081  (P/N 152-0099-00,152-0334-00) is a 50 mA, 6 pF germanium tunnel diode.

Tek part number 152-0099-00 refers to the diode itself. It is used in the 017-0086-00 pulse generator and the 280 Trigger Countdown Unit.

Tek part number 152-0334-00 is the same diode mounted on a metal clip. This is used in the delayed pulse generator (D992) of the 661 starting with serial number 271.

Some instruments using part TD1081

Instrument Manufacturer Class Model Description Introduced
017-0086-00 Tektronix Pulse generator 017-0086-00 Portable Pulse Generator (?)
280 Tektronix Accessory 280 Trigger Countdown Unit 1963
661 Tektronix Oscilloscope 661 Sampling scope 1961