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The 6CB6(A)  (European: EF190) (P/N 154-0030-00) is a pentode vacuum tube with a miniature B7G 7-pin base.

It is used in the vertical output amplifier of the 517, and the output coupling stage of the 112.

6CB6 and 6CB6A (EF190) are identical, except for the controlled heater-warmup time of 6CB6A.

Tek part numbers:

  • 6CB6A (EF190): 154-0030-00
Aged/Checked/Matched Pair Details
Used in Tek Part# S/N Range
513 (V15, V28) 157-0004-00 All
517 (V601-612, V701-724) 157-0005-00 All
105 (V9) 157-0005-00 N/A
105 (V1, V2) 157-0020-00 All
? 157-0028-00 N/A
541 (V1060, V1066, V1080-V1132) 157-0037-00 101-6474
545 (V1060, V1066, V1080-V1132) 157-0037-00 101-9291