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The Tektronix Type 541 is a 30 MHz* oscilloscope that accepts letter-series and 1-series plug-ins. It has a distributed amplifier and is exactly like the Type 545 except it does not have the Delayed Sweep (dual timebase) feature.

It was introduced in 1955 simultaneously with the 545, and was superseded in 1959 by the 541A, which has more convenient controls. For example, the 541 required the operator to set two rotary switches to get the desired sweep time/div . The 541A replaced the two-switch design with a many-position rotary switch. This was also the case with setting the calibrator amplitude, which involved two switches on the 541 and one switch on the 541A.

The 541's CRT is part number 154-098, also known as the T54. The standard phosphor is P2. The 541A uses the T65 CRT.

There is a rackmount version, Type RM41.

There is also a 541-S7 version, which has single-sweep mode.

A new probe, the P400 Series, was created for the 541/545, because the 10 MHz P510A rings on fast signals.


* 33 MHz with a 50 MHz plug-in such as the Type 1A1.