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The Tektronix T5430 aka T543 aka T65  (P/N 154-0175-00,154-0758-00,154-0183-00) is a 5" CRT used in the 541A, 543 and 543A (but not 543B), and 545A scopes.

The tube has helical post-acceleration at typically about 10 kV. Horizontal deflection sensitivity is 29.5 Volts/cm, sweep length is 10 cm.

Vertical deflection is limited to 4 cm at 6.75 Volts/cm sensitivity. Deflection plates are non-distributed, system bandwidth is about 30 MHz.

When furnished with P2 phosphor, the T5430 is designated the T5430-2 and has has part number 154-175.

Part Numbers

Part No Name Phosphor
154-0175-00 (154-175) T65 P2 / T543 P2 (T5430-2) P2 (Standard)
154-0758-00 P31
154-0758-03 P7
154-0758-04 P11
154-0183-00 T5430-11 P11