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mechanical drawing from 050-0348-00.pdf

The Y1641  (P/N 154-0506-00,154-0510-00) is an SHF cermet triode vacuum tube used in the 1L20 oscillators (2×) and early versions of the 491.

It appears to have been a Tektronix-spec'd version of the GE 7077, which is described as a ceramic-metal small-size planar triode for use as a low-noise amplifier for frequencies up to 7.5 GHz, and was used in the final 960 MHz amplifier stage (0.1 W output) in the Pioneer 3 / Pioneer 4 space probes.

According to KI3U's article Substitute UHF Oscillator Tubes for the Tektronix 1L20 Spectrum Analyzer Plug-in, the 7077 has higher heater power requirements - the 1L20 needs to be modified to accommodate 7077s.

The 154-0510-00 seems to have been a version selected for high frequency.


Some instruments using part Y1641

Instrument Manufacturer Class Model Description Introduced
1L20 Tektronix Plug-in 1L20 4.2 GHz Spectrum Analyzer plug-in 1965
491 Tektronix Spectrum Analyzer 491 40 GHz Spectrum Analyzer 1966