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Design mistake. The UNCAL lamp is powered by "+100 V DCPLD A" which shifts the trace about 0.1 division. It should be powered from the basic +100 V rail.

Serial Number B124386

Symptom: Vc has long asymptotic tail

DATE: 20220520
NOTE: Old symptom, just noticed now
CAUSE: Leakage in C114, 1 μF 25 V NP aluminum electrolytic
ACTION: Replace with 1 μF 25 V X7R ceramic a la Type W

Symptom: Clear V/CM knob skirt is cracked and slipping

DATE: 202205
NOTE: Old symptom, just slowly getting worse
NOTE: Part #74 in mechanical diagram, 366-0418-00
ACTION: Super-glue plastic hub to metal hub
OOPS: Super glue dissolved a mark
ACTION: Redraw with Sharpie

Symptom: Cannot pull out V/Div knob in 500 and 50 mv/div positions

Reason: Variable V/div knob mounted too far towards the main knob.