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Tektronix 2212
60 MHz dual channel analog/digital oscilloscope
Tektronix 2212 front

Produced from 1993 to 1995

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The Tektronix 2212 is a portable mixed analog/digital storage oscilloscope with on-screen cursors. The 2216 is the 4-channel version.

The 2212 has two modes, analog and digital. In analog mode, the vertical signal path is all analog, from the BNC input connector to the electrostatic deflection plates of the CRT. In digital mode, the input signal is digitized and can be stored or printed or compared with live waveforms. Other signals such as the trigger level are controlled by the internal computer in both modes.

The 2212 is a dual-trace scope and is rated as having an analog bandwidth of 60 MHz. Bandwidth in digital mode is considerably lower (20 MHz).

There is a DB-25 connector on the rear panel for connecting a parallel-port printer. It prints correctly to an Epson-compatible printer and allows some customization of what is on the screen. The 2212 has a "roll" mode that emulates a strip chart recorder when in digital mode at slow sample rates.

Key Specifications

Bandwidth 60 MHz (non-storage), 10 MHz (storage)
Sampling rate 20 MS/s max.
Deflection 2 mV/Div to 10 V/Div (2 mV/Div bandwidth limited to 10 MHz)
Resolution 8 bits
Memory 4 k samples per channel (Opt. 1M: 128k), can store two waveforms
Input impedance 1 MΩ // 20 pF
  • On-screen readout and cursors
  • X-Y store and non-store operation
  • Store front-panel setup in nonvolatile memory
  • 10: GPIB interface
  • 12: RS-232 Interface
  • 1M: memory expansion to 128k samples per channel
Interfaces Parallel printer port (DB25), RS232C (optional), GPIB (optional)
Power 85 W max.