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Repair of push switches

Tektronix push switches like 260-1971-00 can fail when the end of the green plunger breaks, releasing the contact springs of the last 2 poles.

In that case the repair can be done even when mounted to PCBs, see repair section of DM501A.

Disassembling the Push Button

Remove spring retaining ring and spring.
Push and hold the latching bar with a small screw driver or toothpick and push in the green plunger slowly and carefully to be able to take away the contact springs. Otherwise the contacts might jump out of the pockets.

Assembling the Push Button

Slide in the green plunger with the rear holder pin in the right position until the the first two spring contact pockets reach the end of the push button housing.
Place spring contacts on both sides in the pocket with round edges facing away from the green plunger.
Hold the spring contact and push in the green plunger further util the next contact pockets are in place.
When the green plunger gets stuck while pushing in, push and hold the latching bar with a toothpick.
When all contact springs are in place and the green plunger is fully pushed inside the button housing, place spring and spring retaining ring on the green plunger.

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