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Tektronix 2642
200 kHz Fourier Analyzer
Tektronix 2642

Produced from 1991 to 1995

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The Tektronix 2642A is an FFT analyzer with a DC to 200 kHz frequency range. It performs signal acquisition and processing, and uses a PC running MS-DOS connected via a serial port for mass storage and graphics.

It has two or four inputs with dedicated 12-bit (optionally 16-bit) ADCs, and an optional arbitrary function generator. Another option is a "zoom" feature that provides a span as small as 10 Hz about the frequency of interest.

Key Specifications

Frequency range DC to 200 kHz
Real-time bandwidth 100 kHz max. (single channel autospectrum with fast additive averaging, display off, 2048 point frame size)
Dynamic range 75 dB, extended to 90 dB with Opt. 16 or 17 (16-bit ADCs)
Channels 2 (optionally 4), matched ±0.075 dB (DC to 50 kHz)
Transient Capture 500 K Samples, extended to 3.5 M with Opt. 6M (6 MB)
FFT performance 32-bit floating point FFT, 64 tp 4096 points
Spectral Lines 25 to 1600
Input Impedance 1 MΩ // 200 pF
Max Input Level ±30 V
Weight Standard accessories: 12.3 kg (27 lbs)
Power 90 − 250 VAC, 48 to 66 Hz, >120 W

Front panel: CH1-CH4 inputs, BNC connector; Signal generator output BNC connector (50 Ω; ±10 V);
Rear panel: SYSTEM INTERCONNECT, male DB9 (TTL-level inputs; pin 1 trigger input, pin 2 trigger sense output, pin 3 external clock input; pins 6–8 signal ground, pin 9 external sampling input);
SERIAL PORT, female DB9 to connect PC


  • Opt. 1H: Four Input Channels
  • Opt. 16: Two 16-Bit Input Channels
  • Opt. 17: Four 16-Bit Input Channels
  • Opt. 6M: Large Data Memory (add 6 MB)



The 2642 uses a National NS32CG160 32/16-bit CPU and an AT&T DSP32C Digital Signal Processor.