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The 2N976 is a germanium PNP transistor for low-power VHF and switching applications, manufactured by IDI. It came in a TO18 package.

  • Maximum collector power dissipation (Pc): 100 mW
  • Maximum collector-base voltage (Ucb): 15 V
  • Maximum collector-emitter voltage (Uce): 10 V
  • Maximum emitter-base voltage (Ueb): -
  • Maximum collector current (Ic max): 100 mA
  • Maximum junction temperature (Tj): 100°C
  • Transition frequency (ft): 250 MHz
  • Collector capacitance (Cc): 3 pF
  • Forward current transfer ratio (hFE), min/max: 30 (min)

The 2N976 is used in the 3T77.