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The Tektronix Type 500 Scope-Mobile is an oscilloscope cart.

It weighs 42 pounds. It was the original standard cart for 500-series scopes through the 1950's. The Type 500 cart coexisted with the Tilt-Lock series of carts (which were introduced in 1961), e.g., the 201, 202, 203, 204, and 205. Although the Tilt-Lock scopes are more convenient in cases where the operator alternates between standing and sitting, the original Type 500 cart is more rigid.


  • 11" x 15" blank front panel to allow for customization by customers.
  • Fixed tilt-back angle of 20 degrees
  • 5-inch diameter rubber caster wheels
  • A scope on a Type 500 Scope-Mobile tilts back at fixed angle of 20 degrees.

There is also a Type 500/53, in which the blank front panel is replaced by a Type 53 panel.