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Tektronix 5A24N
2 MHz customizable amplifier
5A24N front view

Compatible with 5000-series scopes

Produced from 1971 to 1984


Tektronix 5A24N Manual

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The Tektronix 5A24 is an amplifier plug-in for 5000-series scopes. The deflection range is 50 mV/div to 1 V/div. The maximum bandwidth is 2 MHz.

The 5A24 contains an area on its printed circuit board that has empty solder pads. The user can add custom circuitry that accesses the input signal, output to scope, and power rails.

The 5A24N is the least expensive plug-in Tektronix ever made, priced US$25 in the 1973 catalog (~$140 in 2018 value). The vertical signal path of the 5A24N is basically just an NPN emitter-follower.

Key Specifications

Bandwidth 2 MHz
Deflection 50 mV/Div to 1 V/Div
Input Impedance 100  kΩ in parallel with 30 pF
Maximum Input Voltage 50 V (DC + peak AC)