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The Tektronix 5000-series was a range of lower-speed modular scopes made from 1971 to 1991, covering target markets like mechanical or biomedical instrumentation, or audio. They complemented the high-end, modular 7000 series of lab instruments.

The 5000-series plug-ins look mechanically similar to the 7000-series. They have the same front panel dimensions but the 5000-series plug-ins are shorter, and the mainframe interface is not compatible, it is even using different supply voltages. However, there are some plug-in modules that come in almost identical 5000- and 7000-series versions, e.g. the 7S14/5S14N sampler or 7CT1N/5CT1N curve tracer.

See the Introduction to the 5000-Series Oscilloscopes and the excellent iceNINE Tech web pages for further information.

51xx (slow) mainframes

Compatible with slower 5X1x and 5X2x 5000-series plug-ins.

5223 digital storage mainframe

Compatible with most 5000-series plug-ins.

54xx (fast) mainframes

Compatible with all 5000-series plug-ins.

These scopes are compatible with 5000-series plug-ins, using the 5000 Series plug-in interface.