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Tektronix 8540
Microprocessor Development System
Tektronix 8540

Produced from 1982 to 1986

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The Tektronix 8540 is a member of the 8000 MDL Series microprocessor development system introduced in 1982.

The 8540 Integration Unit extends a host computer microcomputer development support to include the task of hardware/software integration. While the 8560 or other host computer supports the software development task, the 8540 is used to integrate, test and debug the prototype hardware. The 8540 uses Real-Time microprocessor emulation, a fast and efficient integration technique that uses an emulator processor identical in function to the one targeted for the prototype. For added real-time debugging, a 62-channel Trigger Trace Analyzer is available as an option.

In the host computer environment, a general purpose computer is used to support microcomputer-based design projects for a number of designers at CRT terminals like the CT8500. Each terminal has access to microcomputer development tools such as editors, assemblers, and compilers.

The 8540A was an updated version released in 1986.

Key Specifications

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