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The Tektronix 8560 is a member of the 8000 MDL Series microprocessor development system introduced in 1982.

The 8560 MDL is a microcomputer software development lab that supports up to eight separate workstations. It's done through the 8560's TNIX operating system, a derivation of Bell Lab's UNIX Operating System Version 7 that has been tailored specifically for team-oriented microcomputer development work. It includes a fast, flexible filing system for effective data base management, advanced command capability for streamlining software development tasks, and several optional utility Packages such as text processing. The 8560 uses a powerful 16-bit CPU to control system resources. Software work stations consist of CRT terminals like the CT8500; and the 8540 Integration Unit, which has full emulation and debugging capability, or the 8550 can be used for hardware/software integration.

The 8561 was a lower cost version of the 8560 and the 8562 was a high performance version of the 8560.

Key Specifications

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Documents Referencing 8560

Document Class Title Authors Year Links
Tekscope 1981 V13 N1.pdf Article A Microprocessor Development Lab with an Expandable Future Bob Hunter 1981
Tekscope 1982 V14 N1.pdf Article A Multiple-User Software Development Unit Chuck Smith 1982


Some Parts Used in the 8560