Bently Nevada 5110 Mod 709V

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Tektronix 5110 Mod 709V for Bently Nevada
5110 modified for radial vibration display
5110 Mod 709V for Bently Nevada

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Mod 709V appears to be an adaptation of 5110 scopes for radial vibration display made by Tektronix in Beaverton for Bently Nevada and possibly others.

Externally evident elements of the modification touch several components:

  • Mainframe:
    • Graticule illumination added with Tektronix control knob
    • Intensity input BNC changed to yellow binding post
    • Bently Nevada name & logo on the two noted examples
  • 5B10N:
    • External input BNC changed to green binding post
    • "Display" color key area expanded to include what appears to be a three-way switch with positions
      • Normal
      • L vs R <unintelligible>
      • L vs R
    • Cal control deleted
  • 5A19N (two):
    • Inverting input red binding posts changed to light blue
    • Cal control deleted

Example scope serial numbers:

  • B1217xx
  • B1303yy


Noted in February 2021 on eBay and found also listed by but not available from NRI Industrial Sales. Photos come from these two public listings.


Both noted examples include a robust travel case, but the cases differ.


This page describes connecting "Bently equipment" X & Y "Proximitor" signals and a "Keyphasor" signal via an "Oscilloscope Interface" to an unspecified oscilloscope. Bently Nevada, now "a Baker Hughes business", continues to sell current Proximitor and Keyphasor products per linked literature dated 2019 and 2020. The Bently Nevada TK21 Oscilloscope Interface appears to have superseded the modified oscilloscope. Details for that device appear consistent with Mod 709V.

Manual insert excerpts

Excerpts transcribed from microfiche by Håkan H./Zenith5106; headings adapted for formatting.

5110 MOD 709V


This manual describes MOD 709V as it applies to the TEKTRONIX 5110 Single Beam Oscilloscope. MOD 709V adds a new circuit board for X-Y operation using Right Vertical versus Left Vertical. Using a TEKTRONIX 5B10N MOD 709V Time Base plug-in unit, the SECONDS/DIV or VOLTS/DIV switch is turned to the L versus R position actuating a switching relay mounted in the mainframe. This bypasses the normal sweep function of the 5B10N, allowing for a Left Vertical versus Right Vertical X-Y display. The display unit portion of the 5110 is supplied with an illuminated graticule with a special implosion shield, and an AC coupled EXT INTENSITY INPUT via a yellow binding post at the front panel.


Maximum horizontal deflection bandwidth (using a 5A15N or 5A18N amplifier) is reduced by approximately 300 kHz by the added wiring. Bandwidth (−3 dB) for X-axis deflection from either the center or right compartment is 1.7 MHz minimum. The Y-axis specification is unchanged.


Check the interconnecting wiring to the added X-Y circuit board, then calibrate MOD 709V according to the procedure in the 5110 Instruction Manual.

5A19N MOD 709V


This manual insert describes the features of MOD 709V as installed in the 5A19N Differential Amplifier. The Signal Input connector has been changed to a blue binding post for the Minus Input. The Variable VOLTS/DIV control labeled CAL has been removed. A +15 Volts offset, regardless of the VOLTS/DIV control setting has been added.


Calibrate the same as standard with the following additions regarding offset.

Check OFFSET for ±15 volts in all Volts/Div positions.

1. Ground amplifier inputs and set display in center screen with OFFSET in OFF position, and Volts/Div in .5 Volt/Div position.

2. Turn OFFSET to ON position and position trace 1 cm above center screen. Plus .5 volts OFFSET.

3. Change Volts/Div to .2 position. Trace should now be 2-1/2 cm above center screen. If trace shifts toward center screen instead, offset strap on board is in wrong position. Strap should be in position #2.

5B10N MOD 709V


This manual insert describes the features of MOD 709V as installed in the 5B10N Time Base Amplifier. It removes the VAR control, changes the BNC EXT INPUT connector to a green binding post and provides a switching mode for Left Vertical vs Right Vertical, The last ccw position of the SECONDS/DIV or VOLTS/DIV (EXT) switch is now labeled L vs R.


Calibrate this instrument the same as standard except as follows:

1. Variable TIME/DIV is deleted - no checks required.

2. Fully ccw position of TIME/DIV switch used to be EXT INPUT .5 VOLTS PER DIV. This feature is deleted and is now marked L vs R (left vertical versus right vertical). In this position check to see that -30 volts is present at contact A-12 of interface connector. Voltage should not appear at A-12 in any other position of timing switch.

The 5B10N rotary switch position described in the manual insert differs from the separate switch apparent in the examples.


Key Specifications

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