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Tektronix CT8101
CT8101 terminal
CT8101 Console terminal

Produced from 1977 to (?)

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The Tektronix CT8101 is a printing console terminal for use as an optional accessory with the 8000-series 8001 and 8002 Microprocessor Labs. It is a rebranded Texas Instruments model 743 thermo-printing terminal, from the "Silent 700" series.

It has an RS-232 port that supports two speeds, 110 baud and 300 baud. It does not have an acoustic coupler (TI's 745 did).

It is a terminal, not a general purpose computer, although it is based on a Texas Instruments TMS 8080 microprocessor, a second-sourced Intel 8080.

The CT8101 connects to the 8000-series Microprocessor Labs through an RS-232 interface on the System Communications module. Data formats and baud rates are selectable for EIA and TTY operation.

The keyboard uses full 96 character ASCII standard.

Price (1978 Catalog): $1395

Key Specifications

Power 115 VAC, 47 - 63 Hz, 75 W

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