EIP 101A

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EIP 101A
Microwave Spectrum Analyzer plug-in
EIP 101A Microwave Spectrum Analyzer plug-in

Compatible with 500-series scopes

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The EIP 101A is a receiver-type Spectrum Analyzer plug-in, designed to work in all Tektronix oscilloscope mainframes which accept letter-type plug-ins. Used in the 201A power supply unit, it works together with all analog oscilloscopes. It covers the frequency range of 0.7 - 15 GHz in one single band and comprises a three-resonator YIG preselector.

Key Specifications

Frequency Coverage 1 - 12.4 GHz (useable 0.7 - 15.7 GHz)*
Dial Frequency Accuracy 10 MHz +/-3% **
Selectable Video Bandwidths 1 KHz, 100 KHz, 3 MHz
Frequency Response + 2 dB typical, ±4 dB maximum
Calibrated Dispersion 0 - 11.4 GHz (useable 0 - 15.0 GHz)
No. of Bands Required to Cover Frequency Range 1
Dispersion Resettability Typical 10 MHz
Dispersion Dial Accuracy Typical 10 MHz or ±0.5% whichever is greater
Preselection 3 Resonator YIG filter, nominal 3 dB bandwidth 15 MHz, straight thru leakage >60 dB down, tracking spurious typically >45 dB down***
Resolution Typical 15 MHz
Image Rejection Generates no image signals
Intermod Rejection Intermod signals are reduced by the preselector selectivity over conventional microwave diode response
Type of Receiver Crystal linear or log video with sweeping YIG pre selector
Sensitivity (1 KHz Bandwidth) -45 dBm minimum
Max. Input Power +20 dBm
Limiting Level (2dB compression) 0.7 - 1.0 GHz -20 dBm typical
1.0 - 1.2 GHz >+5 dBm
1.2 - 15.7 GHz >+10 dBm
Log Accuracy (<1 MW Input) ± 1 dB Typical
Variable Vertical Log Scale (dB/cm) Variable and calibratable with internal calibrate signal over the range of 2 dB/cm to 20 dB/cm
Log Video Out Voltage 0.02 Volts/dB typical
Sweep Rate 1, 10, 30 Hz
Required Assoc. Equipment Scope or other analog display
Plug-In' s available for: Tektronix which accept letter series plug-ins
* Usable frequency coverage is limited by the center frequency dial indicator with the unit set on a center frequency of 12 GHz and dispersion set for 15 GHz, most units will display signals as high as 18 GHz.
** If setting is always approached from 700 MHz, if not, add 5 - 15 MHz for hysteresis.
*** Tracking spurious is a second pass band response, always located a fixed number of MHz (approximately 200 MHz) above the normal preselector response.