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Hale Farley 1973 (in TekScope V.5 N.6)

Hale Farley (? – ?) started at Tektronix on August 1973 as the SPS (Signal Processing Systems) Marketing Engineer for Bob Hightower.

In 1977, Larry Sutter recommended he take an assignment in the field and he started as a SPS Sales Specialist in Santa Clara working for Bill White.

There he achieved Sales Master three times. Following his SPS assignment he joined STS (Semiconductor Test Systems) as a Sales Engineer for Dan Senior, finally leaving Tektronix in 1987.

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Documents Authored by Hale Farley

Document Page Class Title Author(s) Year Refers to
Tek retiree news 2012 11 nov.pdf 1 Article Tektronix R7912 Programmable Transient Waveform Digitizer Hale Farley 2012 R7912
Tekscope 1973 V5 N6 Nov 1973.pdf 16 Article Digitizing and displaying fast pulses Hale Farley 1973 R7912