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Hughes Aircraft Company (→ WikiData) was a major American aerospace and defense contractor founded on February 14, 1934 by Howard Hughes in Glendale, California.

Hughes made plugin modules for the TM500 System as well as 500 Series Scopes. Hughes also made the Memoscope, which was an early CRT storage scope.


500 Series Scope Plugin Modules

TM500 System Plugin Modules

Products by Hughes

Model Class Series Description Introduced Discontinued
Hughes Modulator Plug-in TM500 system modulator (?) (?)
Hughes OS-3 Plug-in 500-series scopes High Gain Differential Preamplifier (?) (?)
Hughes Power Regulator Plug-in TM500 system power regulator (?) (?)
Hughes Signal Generator Plug-in TM500 system signal generator (?) (?)