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Tektronix LP8200
LP8200 matrix printer
Tektronix LP8200

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The Tektronix LP8200 is a matrix printer as an optional accessory for the 8000-series 8001 8002 and 8550 Microprocessor Labs. The LP8200 appears very similar to the 4641 matrix printer and may be the same hardware or may share some of the same parts.

The LP8200 interfaces with the 8000-series Microprocessor Labs with a EIA standard RS-232-C port on the System Communications module. Baud rates are selectable from 300 to 9600.

The printer uses full 96 character ASCII standard.

Price (1978 Catalog): $3765

Key Specifications

Printed character resolution 6 lines per inch, 132 columns
Power 115 / 230 VAC, 50 - 400 Hz, 400 W (printing) / 200 W (idle)