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Tektronix MS3101
Signal processing system

Produced from (?) to (?)

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The Tektronix MS3101 Acquisition/Processing Measurement System is based on the Tektronix 7912AD Programmable Digitizer for excellent single shot acquisition capability. It utilizes the 119-1834-00 (DEC PDP-11) Instrument Controller which uses the MP1101 Measurement Package. It includes a 10 megabyte Winchester disk and dual 5 1/4 inch flexible diskette drives. It also includes a 4105A Color Display Terminal. A color hard copy unit and a cart are optional.

Configuration 1986

Count Description Price
1 7912AD Programmable Digitizer
1 7A16P Programmable Amplifier
1 7B90P Programmable Timebase
1 634 Video Monitor
1 620 X-Y Monitor
1 119-1834-00 Controller (DEC PDP-11)
1 4105A Color Display Terminal

Options 1986

Number Description Price
01 Delete plug-ins -$5,280
10 Substitute Tektronix 4107A Color Graphic Terminal for 4105A Color Graphics Terminal +$3,500
20 Add Tektronix 4695 Color Graphics Copier +$1,595