Making 1200 series cartridges

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TekWiki hosts a large number of ROM images that come from ROM packs that were used to disassemble and display mnemonics for microprocessors. Theses images can be used to program EPROMs. These EPROMs have to be mounted in a cartridge to be able to load the software.


Two solutions are available. The first is making a multipurpose RAM/ROM pack, called SuperPack by Pavel Korensky, see design files below.

The second is making a PCB similar to the original one that was used in all the ROM packs, Gerber files are below.

→ note the errata in the readme
→ 670-8172-00

There are two .STL files for making a 3D printed case.

→ Cartridge case


Please note that the files are provided without any guarantee. Use at your own risk!