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Here are firmware images for various Tek models so that old ROMs or EPROMs that have become corrupted after many decades can be replaced.

The version number of the code within is indicated by the -XX suffix.

We also make an index file available that can be used with the Retro Chip Tester Pro to identify ROMs by their CRC: tek-customcrc32.txt

Binary Image CRC32 Used in Position Device Type
050-1201-12.bin e9f27f7c AFG5101 A1U105 27256 32K×8
050-1201-13.bin 35014bb1 AFG5101 A1U105 27256 32K×8
050-1201-14.bin 0b8ac1ec AFG5101 A1U105 27256 32K×8
050-8211-07_V0.7_U105.bin 7a5b623e AFG5102 A1U105 27256 32K×8
067-0989-00.bin e7a227f3 468 Service ROM ???
156-0660-01.bin c4e302e8 4051 U581
156-0661-01.bin edb097c8 4051 U487
156-0662-01.bin 0a3af548 4051 U485
156-0663-01.bin f220d24c 4051 U481
156-0666-01.bin c35ce405 4051 U285
156-0669-01.bin f760ed39 4051 U497
156-0670-01.bin d40a303d 4051 U495
156-0725-00.bin a3adbdf6 7L5 U2265
156-0726-00.bin b95d855f 7L5 U515
156-0772-01.bin 88b9144d 4051R06 U1
156-0773-01.bin 70ed1a7c 4051R06 U11
156-0774-01.bin 4d63a2af 4051R06 U21
156-0775-01.bin 15862014 4051R06 U31
156-0776-00.bin 2df8de4a 4051R01 U1
156-0778-02.bin b4cddaec 4924 U455
156-0779-01.bin e6553fe8 4924 U465
156-0780-02.bin 0c891c6f 4924 U475
156-0781-01.bin 3bc8fa89 4924 U485
156-0782-02.bin 08114339 4924 U495
156-0856-00.bin c308bc06 4051R05 U1
156-0857-00.bin 286deebb 4051R05 U11
156-0899-00.bin a4d703b2 DF1,DF2 U284 Mostek MK31000 2K×8
156-0900-00.bin f84aea79 DF1,DF2 U294 Mostek MK31000 2K×8
156-0973-00.bin ecbf2a69 4924 U451
156-1067-00.bin 7aef841a 4907 U121
156-1068-00.bin 6ca50bf0 4907 U131
156-1069-00.bin 288832a0 4907 U141
156-1070-00.bin dc59d5a9 4907 U151
156-1071-00.bin a01287f0 4907 U161
156-1072-00.bin d99876e3 4907 U201
156-1073-00.bin 5803bdc6 4907 U211
156-1074-00.bin 7de87343 4907 U221
156-1075-00.bin 92c4a5d8 4907 U231
156-1076-00.bin bb2032e5 4907 U241
156-1077-00.bin fbfcfd13 4907 U251
156-1078-00.bin e0a40f53 4907 U261
156-1079-00.bin 3f21d243 4907 U271
156-1102-00.bin 4d15f69b 4051 File Manager U1
156-1103-00.bin ccf5dea0 4051 File Manager U2
156-1104-00.bin 24b8e045 4051 File Manager U3
156-1105-00.bin ae3cd38d 4051 File Manager U4
156-1128-00.bin 05c369d3 7L18 U367
156-1129-00.bin 737fad40 7L18 U369
156-1132-00.bin 411fd974 DF2 U820 6831B 2K×8
160-0174-00.bin caa6bbbf P7001 U215
160-0175-00.bin 2794e974 P7001 U214
160-0176-00.bin 7268d437 P7001 U213
160-0177-00.bin 4d0f6573 P7001 U212
160-0178-00.bin dab8f3e8 P7001 U115
160-0179-00.bin 9cc3c42c P7001 U114
160-0180-00.bin 18f3459d P7001 U113
160-0223-00.bin fad5deb5 MicroLab I U5010
160-0260-03.bin 06221174 4052 U810
160-0261-03.bin a07fc621 4052 U820
160-0262-03.bin f8deca49 4052 U825
160-0263-04.bin a85e7282 4052 U835
160-0264-03.bin 6772bd04 4052 U870
160-0265-03.bin 695a9802 4052 U880
160-0266-04.bin ac4635cb 4052 U885
160-0267-03.bin 0f228a13 4052 U893
160-0320-00.bin b29793cd 4052 U300
160-0324-00.bin a684841a 4052 U210
160-0325-00.bin cacedeab 4052 U170
160-0326-00.bin 7887ce5c 4052 U235
160-0327-00.bin 137b36c3 4052 U172
160-0328-00.bin 7ebce185 4051R08 U1
160-0329-00.bin 2c36df5c 4051R08 U11
160-0330-00.bin 6907b319 4052 U305
160-0331-00.bin 4b05bb4d 4051R08 U31
160-0332-00.bin b29793cd 4052 U300
160-0333-00.bin 6907b319 4052 U305
160-0334-00.bin 7cbe6349 4052 U97
160-0335-00.bin e8161c20 4052 U320
160-0336-00.bin 15dd38de 4052 U330
160-0337-00.bin 46bdef13 4052 U335
160-0338-00.bin adc9f9a3 4052 U340
160-0339-00.bin 7c0a999d 4052 U250
160-0358-00.bin 6151036c 7D02 A09U3010
160-0359-00.bin 256ff7cd 7D02 A09U3020
160-0360-00.bin de5d26b5 7D02 A09U3030
160-0361-00.bin e0e50d80 7D02 A09U4010
160-0399-01.bin 441970e2 8550 U5080
160-0400-00.bin 73fd8001 8550 U5090
160-0408-00.bin 7e884967 7854 U100
160-0408-01.bin ad1d30fa 7854 patched* U100
160-0409-00.bin a6f05cee 7854 U110
160-0409-01.bin e1e2b1b9 7854 patched* U110
160-0410-00.bin 2436eff6 7854 U200
160-0410-01.bin 088bfa14 7854 patched* U200
160-0411-00.bin e441ca75 7854 U210
160-0411-01.bin 790e5c7a 7854 patched* U210
160-0412-00.bin c0e0af86 8550 U2030
160-0447-02.bin f70fc199 7612D A52U607
160-0448-01.bin b77ca7f7 7612D A52U231
160-0449-03.bin d38d20a6 7612D A52U401
160-0450-03.bin 48acac4a 7612D A52U213
160-0451-01.bin c5f3c5d6 7612D A52U221
160-0452-01.bin 8110fce4 7612D A52U111
160-0453-02.bin 70253714 7612D A52U211
160-0454-02.bin 4a9c0e5f 7612D A52U031
160-0455-01.bin fd07ff3c 7612D A52U021
160-0456-01.bin 61d153ef 7612D A52U011
160-0457-02.bin fa5f82e8 7612D A52U013
160-0459-01.bin 5d9decc9 468 U565
160-0466-00.bin 94236f6e 7854 v1.01 U400
160-0466-01.bin beaeaf31 7854 v1.02 U400
160-0466-02.bin 4645c405 7854 v1.03 U400
160-0467-00.bin c544e8cc 7854 v1.01 U410
160-0467-01.bin d5507315 7854 v1.02 U400
160-0467-02.bin c4625319 7854 v1.03 U410
160-0731-01.bin aa355f37 5223 U600
160-0743-00.bin e1bfdce1 CG551AP U1401
160-0744-01.bin 66f6ca67 CG551AP U1501
160-0745-01.bin 7942ad22 CG551AP U1502
160-0746-02.bin 5b15d5f8 CG551AP U1601
160-0747-01.bin 8204ce34 CG551AP U1022
160-0748-00.bin c22aaeca CG551AP U1020
160-0749-00.bin b82ce731 CG551AP U1014
160-0750-00.bin 5e11c09a CG551AP U1012
160-0759-01.bin 65850940 468 U575
160-0768-00.bin 7141b129 308 U430 2316E 2K×8
160-0769-00.bin 676d083a 308 U432 2364 8K×8
160-0770-00.bin 0f72eb07 308 U434 2364 8K×8
160-0771-01.bin a7118533 067-0961-00 U430
160-0772-01.bin 69acb285 067-0961-00 U330
160-0773-01.bin 030da336 067-0961-00 U410
160-0774-01.bin 21717bff 067-0961-00 U310
160-0775-01.bin c2c659e8 067-0961-00 U200
160-0776-01.bin ae10d8e6 067-0961-00 U100
160-0777-01.bin 11bcf03c 067-0961-00 U220
160-0778-01.bin 81d713f4 067-0961-00 U120
160-0779-01.bin 5e9a8842 067-0961-00 U420
160-0780-01.bin da393972 067-0961-00 U320
160-0781-00.bin 08e94460 067-0961-00 U400
160-0782-00.bin 70042287 067-0961-00 U300
160-0783-01.bin 101b1bfd 067-0911-00 U120
160-0785-01.bin f7974a29 067-0911-00 U220
160-0787-01.bin 46516c82 067-0911-00 U225
160-0788-01.bin 8e8ae35e 067-0911-00 U320
160-0789-00.bin 0c203fbf 067-0961-00 U210
160-0790-00.bin 1bdc1949 067-0961-00 U110
160-0797-00.bin fd426d5f 308 U486 (char gen) 2316E 2K×8
160-0818-00.bin a14d121e 7D02 A09U4020
160-0819-00.bin fc4d3634 7D02 A09U4030
160-0826-00.bin 32aa5f23 DAS9100 U585
160-0827-00.bin a0078c87 DAS9100 U591
160-0828-00.bin 1017c349 DAS9100 U283
160-0829-01.bin a8832f39 DAS9100 U287
160-0830-00.bin eb74e0e4 DAS9100 A19U451
160-0831-00.bin ad512202 91P16 U481
160-0832-00.bin bda0c309 DAS9100 U181
160-0832-02.bin 09447f1f DAS9100 U181
160-0838-00.bin 85118137 492 A54U2023
160-0839-00.bin dada5d76 492 A54U2028
160-0886-04.bin 7bb44f7d 492 A54U1012
160-0886-05.bin d5b970ce 492 A54U1012
160-0890-02.bin 53d1d934 492 A54U1017
160-0922-00.bin 0aaddd2a MicroLab I 018-0172-00 U4050
160-0928-02.bin 09d4fdf8 DAS9100 U281
160-0928-04.bin cb4c2aca DAS9100 U281
160-0930-01.bin 2f1b6009 DAS9100 U291
160-0931-01.bin 90ed6fc4 DAS9100 U183
160-0931-03.bin 49b95a96 DAS9100 U183
160-0932-00.bin 9140bede DAS9100 U391
160-0933-00.bin 10919bc0 MicroLab I 018-0172-00 U3050
160-1026-01.bin 388803ce 5223 U620
160-1039-00.bin 8c395154 DAS9100 U395
160-1076-02.bin b605b509 DC5009 U1312
160-1077-00.bin 7f8ad39c DAS9100 A19U455
160-1078-01.bin 4b2cae2e DAS9100 U385
160-1078-03.bin 61ebb91a DAS9100 U385
160-1091-02.bin 7b7726a2 DC5009 FG5010 U1102
160-1091-02_U1102_DC5009.BIN 7b7726a2 DC5009 U1102
160-1092-02.bin 5625620e DC5009 DC5009 U1201
160-1093-02.bin 441e87b5 8560 U5080
160-1094-02.bin b915fd8d 8560 U5090
160-1111-02.bin 5c143d81 DC510 DC5010 U1610
160-1162-03.bin d5cc85e1 7D20 U500
160-1163-02.bin f7bb3ead 7D20 U400
160-1164-02.bin 0cab1a0c 7D20 U200
160-1165-02.bin 8ee40691 7D20 U300
160-1176-04.bin b85648c1 834 834R05 U0
160-1183-00.bin 6555bd61 DC510 DC5010 U1410
160-1326-00.bin 7a4a665a DM5010 U1400
160-1327-00.bin d36e710b DM5010 U1305
160-1328-00.bin 82a3b955 DM5010 U1300
160-1329-00.bin 5deef0e4 DM5010 U1200
160-1331-00.bin badd10d6 PS5010 A12U1201
160-1332-00.bin e884cca9 PS5010 A12U1200
160-1333-00.bin 5be8b6c9 PS5010 A12U1101
160-1334-00.bin 3ded8e0e PS5010 A12U1100
160-1347-00.bin d67466cd 4662 Unknown
160-1348-00.bin d1a3410b 4662 Unknown
160-1349-00.bin 4920cd6f 4662 Unknown
160-1350-00.bin e3d9fb0e 4662 Unknown
160-1406-01.bin c97ae380 8560 U1070
160-1406-02.bin 5c4eba07 8562 U1070
160-1407-01.bin e3cba809 8560 U1060
160-1407-02.bin c4976505 8562 U1060
160-1408-01.bin 6a93a4aa 8560 U1050
160-1408-02.bin c85a5a9c 8562 U1050
160-1410-01.bin 2fd4d9be 8562 U3100
160-1414-00.bin 675da652 4052 4052R06 U1
160-1415-00.bin 04cbc80d 4052 4052R06 U11
160-1416-00.bin 537acdb2 4052 4052R07 U1
160-1417-00.bin bee2e90f 4052 4052R08 U1
160-1418-00.bin f1c19044 4052 4052R08 U11
160-1419-00.bin 66d9d2d5 4052 020-0478-01 U1
160-1420-00.bin 6545e073 4052 020-0478-01 U11
160-1478-00.BIN f2c05133 ??? ???
160-1482-00.bin 60abe8cf SI5010 A15U1011 2716 2Kx8
160-1483-00.bin 3bb2a7e7 MI5010 SI5010 A20U1103
160-1484-01.bin 20ff558f MI5010 SI5010 A20U1200
160-1511-00.bin 842e3c4c 7A16P U3[01]630
160-1512-00.bin 4d12ec01 7A16P U3[01]830
160-1513-00.bin d14283d1 7B90P U1030
160-1514-00.bin 2044b424 7B90P U830
160-1527-00.bin cf76e4f5 4662 Option 31 U51
160-1569-01.bin 3fce8fd8 1240 U160
160-1570-01.bin e904e8ee 1240 U165
160-1571-01.bin 30254020 1240 U170
160-1572-01.bin 0cf3d306 1240 U180
160-1573-01.bin 01db6d5f 1240 U185
160-1574-02.bin 86c3d244 12RD01 U200
160-1575-02.bin 8b25125e 1240 U105
160-1575-03.bin 042e1adf 1240 U105
160-1576-02.bin bc310ca3 1240 U110
160-1576-03.bin 5592f66f 1240 U110
160-1577-02.bin 0fa2fcc2 1240 U115
160-1577-03.bin bdfad520 1240 U115
160-1578-02.bin c70f8ab6 1240 U120
160-1578-03.bin c062a178 1240 U120
160-1579-02.bin c56df00a 1240 U125
160-1580-02.bin 1561af14 1240 U130
160-1580-03.bin 7a4ce7dd 1240 U130
160-1581-03.bin 88642d3a 1240 1241 U135
160-1581-04.bin 44238951 1240 1241 U135
160-1582-02.bin 600ba6f1 1240 U224
160-1582-03.bin 9b689ff1 1240 U224
160-1583-00.bin 0c7946c5 1240 1241 U318
160-1625-04.bin dfc4639f 2465 A5U2178
160-1625-06.bin 3775078e 2465 A5U2178
160-1625-07.bin 3aadb8c9 2465 A5U2178
160-1625-11.bin 187bfa89 2465 A5U2178
160-1626-04.bin 6bad70d4 2465 A5U2378
160-1626-06.bin 86f40409 2465 A5U2378
160-1626-07.bin 1863a5ed 2465 A5U2378
160-1626-11.bin f976700f 2465 A5U2378
160-1627-04.bin 53e368ed 2465 A5U2362
160-1627-06.bin abdf7756 2465 A5U2362
160-1627-07.bin 70be2970 2465 A5U2362
160-1627-11.bin e6707bf1 2465 A5U2362
160-1628-04.bin f6fe8e21 2465 A5U2162
160-1628-06.bin 74eb698f 2465 A5U2162
160-1628-07.bin 646d59a9 2465 A5U2162
160-1628-11.bin 0301c422 2465 A5U2162
160-1631-02.bin a3da922b 2465 A4U2931
160-1676-02.bin 4c0229d8 7D20 U600
160-1679-02.bin 109a1e30 DAS9100 U597
160-1679-06.bin 7dd370dd DAS9100 U597
160-1681-14.bin b52b7b8c 2465 A23U4710
160-1682-00.bin d54104ef 4052A U893
160-1683-00.bin f6bb15d1 4052A U880
160-1684-00.bin b24cdbaf 4052A U870
160-1685-00.bin 53ddc8f9 4052A U863
160-1686-00.bin 7916cd64 4052A U320
160-1687-00.bin 3b2e37dd 4052A U330
160-1688-00.bin 19033422 4052A U335
160-1689-00.bin 97ff62d4 4052A U340
160-1691-00.bin 0670bf9e 4052A U885
160-1692-14.bin 28d418ac 2465 A23U4715
160-1692-15.bin c491b307 2465 A23U4715
160-1693-00.bin 651b7af2 4052A U300
160-1694-00.bin c33ae212 4052A U305
160-1695-00.bin cdac76a7 4052A U315
160-1698-00.bin fd0b8bc3 4052A U810
160-1699-00.bin 59cc6c2e 4052A U820
160-1700-00.bin 59f4a4e2 4052A U825
160-1701-00.bin 195988b9 4052A U835
160-1702-00.bin 013344b1 4052A U845
160-1703-00.bin 991c9f5f 4052 020-0478-01 U13
160-1704-00.bin 696d9ab0 5D10 B020100+ U201
160-1704-00.BIN 696d9ab0 5D10 B020100+ U201
160-1705-00.bin 372e1d41 5D10 B020100+ U213
160-1705-00.BIN 372e1d41 5D10 B020100+ U213
160-1710-01.bin 53b7292d 91A04A v1.11 U878
160-1711-02.bin 62cc1d64 91A04A v1.11 U881
160-1712-01.bin 0be93527 FG5010 Unknown
160-1757-03.bin 7c7a2a12 7D20 U700
160-1802-00.bin 46a3d780 SG5010 U4060 27128 16Kx8
160-1803-00.bin 0a3c3dab SG5010 U4050 27128 16Kx8
160-1833-06.bin e5f9c206 2465 A20U4260
160-1841-00.bin 175fcb67 DAS9100 U295
160-1842-00.bin 9794281f DAS9100 A19U440
160-1845-00.bin 8ad600c5 8562 U3090
160-1899-00.bin 1f868c38 7912AD A54U1000
160-1900-00.bin 86199884 7912AD A54U900
160-1901-00.bin 91cf9106 7912AD A54U1200
160-1904-03.bin 41cd531b 4105 U180
160-1905-03.bin 14364b31 4105 U170
160-1907-03.bin a4d4c0a9 4105 U70
160-1908-03.bin 8a53541d 4105 U80
160-1910-00.BIN df258911 7612D later MPU U1000
160-1911-00.BIN b74cb702 7612D later MPU U800
160-1912-00.BIN ba64d7fb 7612D later MPU U1200
160-1913-03.bin 75c7e87a 4105 U190
160-1914-03.bin 47e358a3 4105 U90
160-1915-00.bin d9bb19f5 1200C01 A31U126
160-1915-01.bin 28e4e92a 1200C01 A31U126
160-1916-01.bin 01dd68ed 1200C02 A32U245
160-1959-00.bin 2e9a8923 7A42 A8U145 2764 8K×8
160-1960-00.bin c31d60f0 7A42 A8U245 2764 8K×8
160-1961-00.bin 1e8c4ba6 7A42 A8U340 2764 8K×8
160-1994-09.bin 6a4961aa 2465 A5U2162
160-1994-11.bin 812e97f6 2465 A5U2162
160-1995-09.bin 1ab36ab5 2465 A5U2378
160-1995-11.bin 07b0d89a 2465 A5U2378
160-2000-00.bin 3277c448 AA5001 ?
160-2000-30.bin 08cf61a4 DA4084 A16U4030
160-2001-02.bin f454c7aa 12RD01 U100
160-2002-02.bin b163f91b 12RD01 U202
160-2028-02.bin 83629d2b 12RD01 U102
160-2144-00.bin 55ed878f PS5004 U3040
160-2149-02.bin 2c11a3f1 4404 U130
160-2218-00.bin a1051ca8 8562 U4060
160-2219-00.bin 37ef0653 8562 U4090
160-2298-04.bin 67c5cd49 2465 A27U5930
160-2353-01.bin c3e34732 DAS9100 Opt. 06 A41A1U240
160-2354-01.bin b40d0ec0 DAS9100 Opt. 06 A41A1U250
160-2371-00.bin 2dfc30e4 CG551AP U1401
160-2373-03.bin d5e89b15 4107A U90
160-2374-03.bin a3fef76e 4107A U190
160-2376-03.bin 35a44e75 4107A U180
160-2378-03.bin feac272f 4107A U170
160-2381-00.bin ac7ca279 4107A U855
160-2417-01.bin 3ce6d23c 12RM01 U300
160-2418-01.bin cf98cfda 12RM01 U200
160-2426-00.bin 4cd79a11 12RC11 U140
160-2439-01.bin 974637fd 12RM02 U300
160-2440-01.bin 840034f2 12RM02 U200
160-2441-01.bin ec19e750 12RM41 U300
160-2442-01.bin 300d60b9 12RM41 U200
160-2443-01.bin 83a69d91 12RM71 U300
160-2444-01.bin 65b79f82 12RM71 U200
160-2445-01.bin 92a58047 12RM63 U300
160-2446-01.bin 28a28110 12RM63 U200
160-2453-00.bin ff4a54a8 12RC01 U300
160-2454-01.bin a7c76313 12RC01 U200
160-2455-00.bin 09d2d812 12RC02 U300
160-2456-00.bin 88559e0a 12RC02 U200
160-2457-01.bin 54d57f46 12R01 U300
160-2458-01.bin 648a33fe 12R01 U200
160-2459-00.bin d5cf47fa 12RM03 U300
160-2460-00.bin 6ea0198d 12RM03 U200
160-2461-00.bin a1760234 12RM04 U300
160-2462-00.bin 0aa8e9a6 12RM04 U200
160-2463-00.bin d526d358 12RM05 U300
160-2464-00.bin 895ddf28 12RM05 U200
160-2465-00.bin 2889020c 12RM06 U300
160-2466-00.bin d27df3f8 12RM06 U200
160-2471-00.bin 063b4ce2 12RM21 U300
160-2472-00.bin 9464a472 12RM21 U200
160-2473-00.bin 114d2e02 12RM22 U300
160-2474-00.bin e21faa0b 12RM22 U200
160-2475-00.bin 02b960f9 12RM23 U300
160-2476-00.bin 39314541 12RM23 U200
160-2477-00.bin 4e8e9403 12RM24 U300
160-2477-01.bin 45080899 12RM24 U300
160-2478-00.bin 30db41e2 12RM24 U200
160-2478-01.bin 96252d47 12RM24 U200
160-2479-00.bin 9d1cecaa 12RM25 U300
160-2480-00.bin cad840c8 12RM25 U200
160-2481-00.bin 9b1b408d 12RM26 U300
160-2482-00.bin 8c672c34 12RM26 U200
160-2483-00.bin 596668cc 12RM27 U300
160-2484-00.bin 53af6150 12RM27 U200
160-2485-01.bin 80a3b284 12RM42 U300
160-2486-01.bin 62dd0874 12RM42 U200
160-2487-00.bin 0548d1b6 12RM43 U300
160-2487-01.bin 005545c3 12RM43 U300
160-2488-00.bin 18c8b1ff 12RM43 U200
160-2488-01.bin 0099ffc2 12RM43 U200
160-2507-00.bin 2986f2c1 12RM62A U300
160-2508-00.bin 41b4825d 12RM62A U200
160-2551-05.bin 2546075d 2430 U680
160-2552-05.bin c0939194 2430 U682
160-2553-05.bin 5719ff45 2430 U690
160-2554-05.bin af76c6d2 2430 U692
160-2555-05.bin 48a50418 2430 U670
160-2602-01.bin e8f43e16 TFS2020 Unknown
160-2633-00.bin ae3eb73c 8562 U6090
160-2634-00.bin 00c3467a 8562 U6080
160-2667-00.bin 00f291f5 PM203 U542
160-2668-00.bin e0a5ea4a PM203 U440
160-2669-00.bin 3ddb9df5 PM203 U332
160-2997-01.bin b2b32d65 7104 7904A, 7934 A13U3503
160-2998-15.bin ec7c5d0a 2230 2232 Communications Opt. U1343/U1243 27512 64K×8
160-3072-00.bin fc0ff366 1241 A10 U160
160-3073-00.bin 933e0c54 1241 A10 U165
160-3074-00.bin 15c97629 1241 A10 U170
160-3075-00.bin c6b093b5 1241 A10 U180
160-3076-00.bin f6ea21a1 1241 A10 U185
160-3077-00.bin 1cee68ca 1241 A12 U175
160-3078-00.bin 72326e8c 1241 A12 U130
160-3079-00.bin e255a8a1 1241 U105
160-3080-00.bin 6edde649 1241 U110
160-3081-00.bin fa3d7574 1241 U115
160-3082-00.bin 7b90b49e 1241 U120
160-3083-00.bin 6fceccd9 1241 U224
160-3087-00.bin 97479528 4109A U855
160-3172-00.bin 0d2c9bbf 12RM99 /01 U300
160-3173-00.bin 06f7d8ab 12RM99 /01 U200
160-3277-02.bin cf6ebc97 4109A U90
160-3278-02.bin d6124cd1 4109A U190
160-3279-02.bin 00822078 4109A U80
160-3280-02.bin eec9f70f 4109A U180
160-3281-02.bin e2713328 4109A U70
160-3282-02.bin c109a4f7 4109A U170
160-3283-02.bin 2a821db6 4109A U60
160-3284-02.bin ee567b01 4109A U160
160-3302-04.bin 26c5bf1f 2465A A5U2160
160-3302-06.bin 63072896 2465A A5U2160
160-3302-07.bin 25d8bccc 2465A A5U2160
160-3302-09.bin 6783ca3b 2445A, 2455A, 2465A, 2467 A5U2160
160-3303-04.bin b919ea8f 2465A A5U2260
160-3303-06.bin 015831a6 2465A A5U2260
160-3303-07.bin 574389cf 2465A A5U2260
160-3303-09.bin 4c85ec52 2445A, 2455A, 2465A, 2467 A5U2260
160-3342-00.bin b8dc2a2e 1241 U125
160-3343-00.bin 6e94b3be 1241 U130
160-3489-01.bin 5270769b 12RM31 U300
160-3489-02.bin b5486653 12RM31 U300
160-3490-01.bin c27ba2c2 12RM31 U200
160-3490-02.bin 16d480c4 12RM31 U200
160-3491-00.bin 3071a89e 12RM08 U300
160-3492-00.bin 8a4ca03b 12RM08 U200
160-3520-01.bin 99d7caac 494 A54U3060
160-3521-01.bin a0633c25 494 A54U3050
160-3522-01.bin 3bb5d23e 494 A56U1010
160-3523-01.bin 4b8e0a9e 494 A56U1020
160-3524-01.bin 8cddee0e 494 A56U1025
160-3525-01.bin cf0a9879 494 A56U1035
160-3526-01.bin ac948fa2 494 A56U3015
160-3527-01.bin cb512aae 494 A56U3020
160-3532-01.bin 930f8aee 2230 U9110
160-3532-15.bin 9b089edc 2230 U9110
160-3533-00.bin 83ba6480 021-0374-00 to B010190 U4060
160-3533-01.bin 74879cc5 021-0374-00 B010191+ U4060
160-3633-01.bin 586fb08c 2230 U9109
160-3633-15.bin 144b061d 2230 U9109
160-3676-02.bin c23ebcea 2465A A20U4260
160-3678-04.bin cb65081e 2465A A27U5930
160-3691-05.bin 29379544 494 A54U3050
160-3692-05.bin d52d8453 494 A54U3060
160-3693-05.bin 54c20285 494 A56U1010
160-3694-05.bin fe686335 494 A56U1020
160-3695-05.bin bfc3d59f 494 A56U1025
160-3696-05.bin aec3854f 494 A56U1035
160-3697-05.bin 93814f54 494 A56U3015
160-3698-05.bin 35bfcf87 494 A56U3020
160-3699-05.bin b306c3d1 494 A56U3030
160-3716-06.bin 2dc0c12d 11401 U602
160-3717-06.bin 33bfa2cf 11401 U612
160-3740-08.bin d7b121a1 11401 U630
160-3741-08.bin fbec5ffa 11401 U730
160-3742-08.bin 27dd2b79 11401 U620
160-3743-08.bin d260e455 11401 U720
160-3744-08.bin b516d4ef 11401 U612
160-3745-08.bin b9cd9efe 11401 U712
160-3746-08.bin 82362055 11401 U600
160-3747-08.bin 5362d113 11401 U700
160-3748-09.bin f7f1a24e 11401 U250
160-3749-09.bin 0a537756 11401 U240
160-3931-00.bin 3ac4b430 2754 2756 Front panel
160-3941-07.bin 4715af80 11401 11401 U281
160-3942-07.bin b2899721 11401 11401 U283
160-4001-00.bin 7019a3df 12RM99 /02 U300
160-4002-00.bin 85d06138 12RM99 /03 U300
160-4003-00.bin a1e7e988 12RM99 /04 U300
160-4004-00.bin eaafd1a3 12RM99 /05 U300
160-4005-00.bin d3e2807d 12RM99 /06 U300
160-4006-00.bin 05d35971 12RM99 /07 U300
160-4007-00.bin 5152f825 12RM99 /08 U300
160-4008-00.bin 993b2dfe 12RM99 /09 U300
160-4009-04.bin 3e2de25b 11A34 U700
160-4009-08.bin 8c2d1027 11A32 U700
160-4010-07.bin 321a9067 11A52 U700
160-4031-00.bin a33343d3 12RM99 /02 U200
160-4032-00.bin c31aecee 12RM99 /03 U200
160-4033-00.bin 2a443ac8 12RM99 /04 U200
160-4034-00.bin ae444b7d 12RM99 /05 U200
160-4035-00.bin 9ce95217 12RM99 /06 U200
160-4036-00.bin fe0cc9c4 12RM99 /07 U200
160-4037-00.bin c15cfd0a 12RM99 /08 U200
160-4038-00.bin 54dadda2 12RM99 /09 U200
160-4065-05.bin 6dd1bc4f 11A71 U800
160-4065-08.bin 866c886e 11A71 U800
160-4082-01.bin fea2ca44 2246 U2519
160-4083-01.bin d67205ac 2246 U2520
160-4227-04.bin d462fd3f 11A33 U521
160-4288-05.bin de69c255 11801A, CSA803 A25U611
160-4384-05.bin ac24ee05 11801 U400
160-4385-05.bin 525ca5b1 11801 U310
160-4386-05.bin f9f27157 11801 U410
160-4394-05.bin 27550c05 11801 U300
160-4398-04_18-MAR-87_V1.60_U670.bin b8d76ded 2430A v1.60 U670
160-4398-07.bin 9d0991a2 2430A U670
160-4399-04_18-MAR-87_V1.60_U680.bin f3f1f472 2430A v1.60 U680
160-4399-07.bin ebb1fce3 2430A U680
160-4400-04_18-MAR-87_V1.60_U682.bin d2cc2120 2430A v1.60 U682
160-4400-07.bin fdb349ff 2430A U682
160-4401-04_18-MAR-87_V1.60_U690.bin 943e4695 2430A v1.60 U690
160-4401-07.bin aeacb9d5 2430A U690
160-4402-04_18-MAR-87_V1.60_U692.bin 70cba0e9 2430A v1.60 U692
160-4402-07.bin 7e63d7d6 2430A U692
160-4403-02.bin c3946680 2430A U480
160-4403-02_U480.bin 186c1f49 2430A U480
160-4404-02.bin 6ba9e7b1 2430A U490
160-4404-02_U490.bin 862e4abe 2430A U490
160-4413-04.bin bd21193c 1503B U2020
160-4470-03.bin 92391f26 11302 U1330
160-4470-05.bin d30dfd43 11302A U1330
160-4471-03.bin ac6a65e4 11302 U1430
160-4471-05.bin 258a5350 11302A U1430
160-4472-03.bin efa94b5a 11302 U1400
160-4472-05.bin a9aaa503 11302A U1400
160-4473-03.bin 7ef82191 11302 U1100
160-4473-05.bin e526fa94 11302A U1100
160-4474-03.bin 2c0360b5 11302 U1200
160-4474-05.bin 6b94bb74 11302A U1200
160-4475-03.bin 59716db0 11302 U1300
160-4475-05.bin 3bc0e04f 11302A U1300
160-4476-03.bin cd69ce20 11302 U1000
160-4476-05.bin 82666118 11302A U1000
160-4477-03.bin 4130bfe9 11302 U1230
160-4477-05.bin ee221c0a 11302A U1230
160-4566-00.bin 05f89c24 12RM99 /11 U300
160-4567-00.bin 7dadcdb1 12RM99 /11 U200
160-4568-00.bin 8034c488 12RM99 /14 U300
160-4568-01.bin 6ff6c812 12RM99 /12 U300
160-4569-00.bin 371d10ec 12RM99 /14 U200
160-4569-01.bin b5343a31 12RM99 /12 U200
160-4570-00.bin 70d68f15 12RM99 /13 U300
160-4571-00.bin 554f7257 12RM99 /13 U200
160-4658-02.BIN 54560483 1225 U17
160-4659-02.BIN 2167e6b7 1225 U30
160-4660-01.BIN 247305a9 1225 U45
160-4782-03.bin f962ea55 DSA601, DSA602 U540
160-4782-05.bin d74fae22 DSA601, DSA602 U540
160-4782-06.bin ee818893 DSA601, DSA602 U540
160-4783-03.bin f2c573f3 DSA601, DSA602 U440
160-4783-05.bin 03ad48ae DSA601, DSA602 U440
160-4783-06.bin 4f983fac DSA601, DSA602 U440
160-4784-03.bin ed5d09da DSA601, DSA602 U410
160-4784-06.bin c81083d9 DSA601, DSA602 U410
160-4784-08.bin 236a5d7f DSA601, DSA602 U410
160-4785-03.bin c61aed18 DSA601, DSA602 U510
160-4785-06.bin 9f414414 DSA601, DSA602 U510
160-4785-08.bin 5e11b8ee DSA601, DSA602 U510
160-4786-03.bin a9859b12 DSA601, DSA602 U420
160-4786-06.bin dca3c1a4 DSA601, DSA602 U420
160-4786-08.bin 0afd36ef DSA601, DSA602 U420
160-4787-03.bin df3d465a DSA601, DSA602 U520
160-4787-06.bin 398450ea DSA601, DSA602 U520
160-4787-08.bin e9154a4f DSA601, DSA602 U520
160-4797-00.bin 19ee3c36 DSA601, DSA602 U510
160-4832-01.bin 2b502976 PM406 U12 27256 32K×8
160-4845-07.bin 21f80b3a 11A72 U1110
160-4861-01.bin 83dd758a PM403 U12 27256 32K×8
160-4918-03.bin 18e4404a DSA601, DSA602 U800
160-4918-05.bin 67d07080 DSA601, DSA602 U800
160-4918-07.bin 2d652a10 DSA601, DSA602 U800
160-4919-03.bin 0b560ae3 DSA601, DSA602 U810
160-4919-05.bin 63dce8b6 DSA601, DSA602 U810
160-4919-07.bin f325b80b DSA601, DSA602 U810
160-4920-03.bin 476cb780 DSA601, DSA602 U820
160-4920-05.bin 8f12ae9e DSA601, DSA602 U820
160-4920-07.bin 639783de DSA601, DSA602 U820
160-4921-03.bin 9a469330 DSA601, DSA602 U830
160-4921-05.bin 00b1c18e DSA601, DSA602 U830
160-4921-07.bin dc46c199 DSA601, DSA602 U830
160-4922-03.bin 4a8dccee DSA601, DSA602 U900
160-4922-05.bin 26615d8f DSA601, DSA602 U900
160-4922-07.bin b8e07fb2 DSA601, DSA602 U900
160-4923-03.bin c309f801 DSA601, DSA602 U910
160-4923-05.bin 962ae7a5 DSA601, DSA602 U910
160-4923-07.bin 9a641368 DSA601, DSA602 U910
160-4924-03.bin 7dc51a5a DSA601, DSA602 U920
160-4924-05.bin 31e7374d DSA601, DSA602 U920
160-4924-07.bin cc317542 DSA601, DSA602 U920
160-4925-03.bin 3bcd35fa DSA601, DSA602 U930
160-4925-05.bin 11a3fd36 DSA601, DSA602 U930
160-4925-07.bin eac9f0a0 DSA601, DSA602 U930
160-4941-04.bin 8ca41b90 2440 v1.93 U670
160-4941-07_11-DEC-89_V2.30_U670.bin 534f735c 2440 v2.30 U670
160-4942-04.bin 95036fe6 2440 v1.93 U680
160-4942-07_11-DEC-89_V2.30_U680.bin f750a23d 2440 v2.30 U680
160-4943-04.bin 430398c3 2440 v1.93 U682
160-4943-07_11-DEC-89_V2.30_U682.bin 20b8e47a 2440 v2.30 U682
160-4944-04.bin c3b8bddd 2440 v1.93 U690
160-4944-07_11-DEC-89_V2.30_U690.bin a1a97b15 2440 v2.30 U690
160-4945-04.bin 9b526afe 2440 v1.93 U692
160-4946-01.bin 5a66d087 2440 v2.1 U480
160-4947-01.bin 49808b2c 2440 v2.1 U490
160-4971-00.bin 19f624d5 FG5010 Unknown
160-4971-00_FG5010.BIN 19f624d5 FG5010 ?
160-4995-01.bin 8f9799ea PM407 U12 27256 32K×8
160-5063-00.bin d089a284 2246 U2519
160-5063-11.bin a35558af 2246 U2519
160-5085-05.bin 2799e523 3001GPX U410
160-5086-05.bin 187170e9 3001GPX U415
160-5178-02.bin be83f176 1230 U215
160-5179-03.bin bb7a803f 1230 U220
160-5350-00.bin 37ef9e3a 12RM99 /15 U300
160-5351-00.bin 10338287 12RM99 /15 U200
160-5352-00.bin 7b6dc638 12RM99 /16 U300
160-5353-00.bin 1882d112 12RM99 /16 U200
160-5370-04.bin 9dc537f5 2465B A5U2160
160-5370-06.bin 92e10e88 2465B A5U2160
160-5370-07.bin bf703d22 2465B A5U2160
160-5370-10.bin 68c490c8 2465B A5U2160
160-5371-04.bin 35e7226e 2465B A5U2260
160-5371-06.bin de2bdfe1 2465B A5U2260
160-5371-07.bin d4ce244e 2465B A5U2260
160-5371-10.bin 0b00dc0a 2465B A5U2260
160-5373-04.bin e085a1ec 2465B A23U4710
160-5374-04.bin 694a4d2b 2465B A23U4715
160-5391-00.bin 2f3e7169 2246 series U2408
160-5414-04.bin 3a8dad82 11801 U210
160-5415-04.bin 4d09cbe0 11801 U220
160-5427-11.bin 511aa841 2710 U320 27010 128K×8
160-5428-11.bin b81cc0ba 2710 U220 27010 128K×8
160-5429-11.bin 75239bac 2710 U120 27010 128K×8
160-5430-00.bin 5dbfd9a3 2710 U312
160-5434-11.bin e123cf60 2710 U410
160-5435-11.bin 5dbfd9a3 2710 U420
160-5469-03.bin 04aee6ec DSA601, DSA602 U240
160-5469-07.bin abb4f4ec DSA601, DSA602 U240
160-5470-03.bin 76efa9e4 DSA601, DSA602 U250
160-5470-05.bin c2881a91 DSA601, DSA602 U250
160-5470-07.bin ea5f2bae DSA601, DSA602 U250
160-5481-04.bin f3e8bb65 11801 U630
160-5482-04.bin 6ed3f179 11801 U730
160-5483-04.bin 4f5ef910 11801 U620
160-5484-04.bin 77c2da51 11801 U720
160-5485-04.bin c9114cd5 11801 U612
160-5486-04.bin da70a09d 11801 U712
160-5487-04.bin bb18ae68 11801 U600
160-5494-04.bin b4ad3bc6 11801 U250
160-5495-04.bin ffa1d57a 11801 U240
160-5502-02.bin e2246188 11801 U602
160-5503-02.bin 9018d528 11801 U612
160-5530-00.bin 8d8e7646 1220 1225, 1230 Serial
160-5531-01.bin 8bc79590 1220 1225, 1230 Parallel
160-5604-00.bin f8c6dcd2 12RM99 /17 U300
160-5605-00.bin fc59ab5c 12RM99 /17 U200
160-5620-04.bin 2319d5a2 11801 U700
160-5676-00.bin c4b67ff7 12RM33 U300
160-5677-00.bin aab4be37 12RM33 U200
160-5819-07.bin 4e65b411 2784 A43U11
160-5819-09.bin 783dd46f 2784 A43U11
160-5820-07.bin 3c1fe887 2784 A43U12
160-5820-09.bin c8148935 2784 A43U12
160-5821-07.bin a0eb4245 2784 A43U13
160-5821-09.bin 62919187 2784 A43U13
160-5822-07.bin c5bf2266 2784 A43U14
160-5822-09.bin c3f8b0c0 2784 A43U14
160-5823-07.bin 1c84b38d 2784 A43U10
160-5823-09.bin 6e467634 2784 A43U10
160-5824-07.bin 1c9fe103 2784 A41U63
160-5824-09.bin 03ed6fb2 2784 A41U63
160-5825-05.bin c8753885 2784 A24U11
160-5825-07.bin 98f34b56 2784 A24U11
160-5826-04.bin 0ef0acc8 2784 A42U40
160-5826-06.bin b71c457e 2784 A42U40
160-5843-07_11-DEC-89_V2.30_U692H.bin ffba3e36 2440 v2.30 U692H
160-5875-00.bin d47c3c97 2445A, 2455A, 2465A, 2467 A5U2930 Character ROM, 2532/2732 4Kx8
160-5876-01.bin 20400eff 2465B A5U2160
160-5877-01.bin 2c3e4fad 2465B A5U2360
160-5877-02.bin 80c4802d 2465B A5U2360
160-5879-01.bin 0d3117b2 2465B A26U5565
160-5881-02.bin 0202e8c3 2465B A23U4710
160-5882-02.bin 152e6a92 2465B A23U4715
160-5903-05.bin 41e5e823 2432A U670
160-5903-06.bin 02a952ca 2432A U670
160-5904-06.bin 03af0437 2432A U680
160-5905-06.bin b72a5ae5 2432A U682
160-5906-05.bin 3654a8ba 2432A U690
160-5906-06.bin cbd8d5b8 2432A U690
160-5907-06.bin 168912ee 2432A U692
160-5955-03.bin c61e996a DSA601, DSA602 U460
160-5955-06.bin f850922f DSA601, DSA602 U460
160-5955-08.bin 69951493 DSA601, DSA602 U460
160-5956-03.bin f416e00c DSA601, DSA602 U560
160-5956-06.bin ffaefccc DSA601, DSA602 U560
160-5956-08.bin 8e1ebf21 DSA601, DSA602 U560
160-6000-02.bin 040782c8 1780R U476
160-6014-07.bin 989c5d78 1780R U310
160-6015-07.bin ec5d63e4 1780R U315
160-6119-11.bin 576d123c 11402 11403 U820
160-6120-11.bin 9393ca1c 11402 11403 U920
160-6121-11.bin 047f1cea 11402 11403 U810
160-6122-11.bin 02049101 11402 11403 U910
160-6123-11.bin aaf585ed 11402 11403 U800
160-6124-11.bin 2443da3a 11402 11403 U900
160-6167-00.BIN 7e7bd4ee 1225 U18
160-6168-00.BIN 91c27987 1225 U31
160-6188-04.bin 15fca141 2232, 2224, 2221A U9120
160-6188-06.bin 6adb2e6d 2232, 2224, 2221A U9120
160-6188-07.bin c3925d83 2232, 2224, 2221A U9120
160-6192-04.bin fa0c5bd4 2232, 2224, 2221A U9121
160-6192-06.bin 5430cb6a 2232, 2224, 2221A U9121
160-6192-07.bin 66044407 2232, 2224, 2221A U9121
160-6237-00.bin 81bde917 DM5110 DM511 A10U212
160-6237-01.BIN 8a622c80 ??? ???
160-6238-00.bin c7a4c5c1 DM5110 A12U504
160-6447-02.bin 528fafef SG5030 A3U2051 27512
160-6448-02.bin 90b51bbb SG5030 A3U3050 27512
160-6491-01.bin 409c0ee2 2430A U670
160-6492-01.bin 30475328 2430A U680
160-6493-01.bin 59619c48 2430A U682
160-6494-01.bin 9cc02d85 2430A U690
160-6495-01.bin 18b4f018 2430A U692
160-6496-01.bin 90fee62c 2430A U480
160-6496-03.bin 74d9178b 2430A U480
160-6496-03_U480.bin 9d66536d 2431L U480
160-6497-01.bin aef23407 2430A U490
160-6497-03_U490.bin 7adfd547 2431L U490
160-6502-03.bin c1f12d6b 2247A U2519
160-6517-02.bin 077cec5f 11801 U230
160-6518-02.bin 788100ce 11801 U240
160-6552-10.bin 68020711 11402 11403 U281
160-6553-10.bin bf0950e1 11402 11403 U283
160-6621-11.bin 55d1dba4 11402 11403 U830
160-6622-11.bin 7454a08e 11402 11403 U930
160-6705-03_15-NOV-90_V2.41_U670.bin 37ae4e5a 2431L v2.41 U670
160-6706-03_15-NOV-90_V2.41_U680.bin 4c7c3da3 2431L v2.41 U680
160-6707-03_15-NOV-90_V2.41_U682.bin 32659a7c 2431L v2.41 U682
160-6708-03_15-NOV-90_V2.41_U690.bin 710ebef1 2431L v2.41 U690
160-6709-03_15-NOV-90_V2.41_U692.bin dccc09aa 2431L v2.41 U692
160-6758-00.bin 999877b1 SI5020 U11
160-6850-00.bin 686180c1 CG5011 A9U1032 27256 32K×8
160-6850-01.bin daeee89e CG5011 SN B010210+ A9U1032 27256 32K×8
160-6852-11.bin 381e3995 2710 U420 27010 128K×8
160-6976-01.bin 1bab85df 11801A, CSA803 A15U140
160-6976-10.bin a12e6237 11402 11403 U140
160-6977-01.bin c757510b 11801A, CSA803 A15U150
160-6977-10.bin 49628724 11402 11403 U150
160-6978-03.bin 60672495 11801A, CSA803 A18U930
160-6979-03.bin 87308f5f 11801A, CSA803 A18U830
160-6980-01.bin a3962d08 11801A, CSA803 A5U400
160-6981-01.bin 368d169b 11801A, CSA803 A5U310
160-6982-01.bin 5137720b 11801A, CSA803 A5U410
160-6983-01.bin 1268db0c 11801A, CSA803 A5U300
160-6984-03.bin 9ca3d199 11801A, CSA803 A18U820
160-6985-03.bin d7c16610 11801A, CSA803 A18U920
160-6986-03.bin 2ae5b188 11801A, CSA803 A18U810
160-6987-03.bin cb75135f 11801A, CSA803 A18U910
160-6988-03.bin 9844224f 11801A, CSA803 A18U800
160-6989-03.bin a8cf8996 11801A, CSA803 A18U900
160-6991-01.bin 06d21c81 571 U607
160-6992-06.bin 85a31d8f 571 U503
160-6993-01.bin bc0ee572 571 U503
160-7851-03.bin ef20d64e TDS500/TDS600 (not A/B/C) U600
160-8315-00.bin 79d2e031 494 A54U3050
160-8316-00.bin 88c61961 494 A54U3060
160-8317-00.bin 2758f812 494 A56U1010
160-8318-00.bin a8118da1 494 A56U1020
160-8319-00.bin 3f7fe5d1 494 A56U1025
160-8320-00.bin 12fa4eff 494 A56U1035
160-8321-00.bin b9e4ddf2 494 A56U3015
160-8322-00.bin 8340cd83 494 A56U3020
160-8323-00.bin c0a3c8c5 494 A56U3030
160-8505-00.bin ef20d64e TDS500/TDS600 (not A/B/C/D) A11U1331
160-9008-00.bin 05b174ba 1503C U2020
160-9137-00.bin c8599b36 TDS500/700 series w/NuColor CRT A31U500
160-9144-03.bin 64d6171d 2212 A15U1806
160-9145-03.bin 582cb5e1 2212 A15U1807
160-9160-01.bin 9e44e194 2794 U3050
160-9160-02.bin 02b27732 2794 U3050
160-9161-01.bin 177622aa 2794 U3060
160-9161-02.bin 72ab2587 2794 U3060
160-9162-01.bin 726f40b4 2794 U1010
160-9162-02.bin 9325d671 2794 U1010
160-9163-01.bin 5872bc8e 2794 U1020
160-9163-02.bin 8e7b3af3 2794 U1020
160-9164-01.bin fc88f65d 2794 U1025
160-9164-02.bin bc330e07 2794 U1025
160-9165-01.bin 1a9abd42 2794 U1035
160-9165-02.bin 8e95b112 2794 U1035
160-9166-01.bin 6c5a4b44 2794 U3015
160-9166-02.bin 9a7648f7 2794 U3015
160-9167-01.bin 0ab51bee 2794 U3020
160-9167-02.bin 03366b68 2794 U3020
160-9168-01.bin 24541044 2794 U3030
160-9168-02.bin 5e6f24be 2794 U3030
160-9335-00.bin 7cf89623 only TDS500A/TDS600A A11U1331
160-9569-02.bin 63a3086a AM503B Unknown
160-9907-00.bin bd019ae5 AM700 U44
160-9917-00.bin 0ed8db93 AM700 U53
160-H006-04_EVEN.bin ce9884e7 2216 A7
160-H007-04_ODD.bin a827e252 2216 A7
163-0792-06.bin c4f58e08 TDS210 TDS220 U206
163-0846-02.bin a1281519 TDS2CM TDS200 series Unknown
163-0986-00.bin 84238af5 TDS2MM TDS200 series Unknown
163-1083-01.bin b24d51bc RFM151 U4
163-1084-01.bin 0fca1191 RFM151 U5
4051R08-160-0330-00.bin 6c3aa8d5 4051R08 U21
5120-800_v1.0.bin 6d581493 DM5120 v1.0 A20U4
5120cal.bin fbcef324 DM5120 ???
7L18 - 7L18 156-1128-00 (U367), 156-1129-00 (U369)
TDS544A_Firmware_v3.8.4e_EPROM.bin e28045ac TDS544A v3.8.4e ???
TDS644B_v4.2e_Firmware.bin 67f5066e TDS644B v4.2e ???
TDS744A_v4.2.1e_Firmware.bin 0e6e4eac TDS744A v4.2.1e ???
TDS754D_v7.4e_Firmware.bin d5c4264e TDS754D v7.4e ???
TDS794D_v6.6e_Firmware.bin fe65459e TDS794D v6.6e ???
Tek_TDS620_firmware_v2.04e.bin 7a767f18 TDS620 2.04e ???
Tek_TDS620_nvram_U1107_contents.bin fb15f900 TDS620 NVRAM
TE-rtc-641_y2k.bin 2d4528a1 TransEra 641-RTC ???
TransEra-641-RTC-1978.bin 822c2462 TransEra 641-RTC 1978 ??? 2716
TransEra-641-RTC-1984.bin e6c0364d TransEra 641-RTC 1984 ??? 2716
TransEra-741-RTC_v103.bin a758e3d1 TransEra 741-RTC v103 ??? 2732 4Kx8
Keithley 199-800-A4.bin (?) b4f7aced Keithley 199 U4 27C256