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Murlan R. Kaufman (b. July 14, 1937 in Portland, OR – ?) worked at Tektronix from 1961 to 1999.

He earned a BSEE in 1959 and MSEE in 1968 at Oregon State University.

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  • Four summers working for Tek while attending Oregon State University
  • June 1959 to January 1961 at General Electric in New York and Wisconsin
  • January 1961 Design Engineer at Tek until retirement in August 1999

Tek Products

  • Designed P6032, CT-1, CT-2 and 114 pulse generator
  • Inherited and completed design for R293 pulse generator and 184 time mark generator
  • Designed S-51 18 GHz Countdown and 3T5 auto triggering circuit
  • 7B50, 7B51, 7B70 and 7B71 − inherited and completed design
  • 485 − project Leader of the horizontal section
  • 7844 − inherited and completed as project manager
  • 7D01, DF1 and DF2 − project manager
  • DAS9129 − project manager for development of the color display logic analyzer
  • 11400 Series (11401, 11402, 11403) − assistant project manager and responsible for the touch panel and display
  • 11802 − project manager for sampling mainframe and SD-51 21 GHz trigger head
  • 11A81, 11A34V and 11T5H − managed development
  • THS700 series − high voltage isolated front end design
  • Bipolar and BiCMOS IC design for TDS200, TDS300, TDS700 and TDS3000 series oscilloscopes

Products by Murlan Kaufman

Model Class Description Designers Introduced
CT-1 Probe AC current probe Murlan Kaufman (?)
THS720 Oscilloscope 100 MHz 2-ch portable digital scope Murlan Kaufman (?)
THS710 Oscilloscope 60 MHz portable 2-ch digital scope Murlan Kaufman (?)
THS730 Oscilloscope 200 MHz portable 2-ch digital scope Murlan Kaufman (?)
11A81 Plug-in 3 GHz vertical amplifier plug-in Murlan Kaufman (?)
P6032 Probe 850 MHz cathode-follower probe Murlan Kaufman 1962
P6041 Probe AC current probe Murlan Kaufman 1964
CT-2 Probe AC current probe Murlan Kaufman 1964
184 Pulse generator Time mark generator Murlan Kaufman 1965
114 Pulse generator Pulse generator Murlan Kaufman 1965
R293 Pulse generator Programmable pulse generator Murlan Kaufman 1965
S-51 Plug-in Synchronizing Head Murlan Kaufman 1969
7B51 Plug-in 100 MHz Timebase Murlan Kaufman 1969
7B70 Plug-in 200 MHz Timebase Murlan Kaufman 1969
7B71 Plug-in 200 MHz Delaying Timebase Murlan Kaufman 1969
7B50 Plug-in 100 MHz Timebase Murlan Kaufman 1969
3T5 Plug-in Programmable Sampling Sweep Murlan Kaufman 1969
S-52 Plug-in Pulse Generator Murlan Kaufman 1971
485 Oscilloscope 350 MHz portable scope John Addis Wink Gross Gene Andrews Glenn Bateman Ron Peltola Bob Firth Murlan Kaufman Bob White Keith Taylor Dick Troberg 1972
7844 Oscilloscope 400 MHz dual-beam non-storage mainframe Murlan Kaufman Chuck Scott Dick Anderson Keith Taylor Bob White 1974
7D01 Plug-in Logic Analyzer Murlan Kaufman Keith Taylor Morris Green Jeff Bradford Ed Wolf Vendell Damm 1976
DF1 Plug-in display formatter Murlan Kaufman Dave Lowry Jeff Bradford Ed Wolf 1976
11402 Oscilloscope Digital scope Murlan Kaufman Tom Rousseau 1986
11A34 Plug-in Quad channel 300 MHz amplifier Murlan Kaufman 1987
11403 Oscilloscope 1 (3) GHz digital scope Murlan Kaufman 1989
SD-51 Plug-in 20 GHz trigger countdown head Murlan Kaufman 1989
11801 Oscilloscope Digital sampling scope Murlan Kaufman Stan Kaveckis Agoston Agoston John Carlson John Rettig Jon Lucker Roy Lewallen 1989
11802 Oscilloscope Digital sampling scope Murlan Kaufman Stan Kaveckis Agoston Agoston John Carlson John Rettig Jon Lucker Roy Lewallen 1989
CSA803 Oscilloscope Digital sampling scope Murlan Kaufman Stan Kaveckis Agoston Agoston John Carlson John Rettig Jon Lucker Roy Lewallen 1990
11T5H Plug-in Multistandard Video Trigger plug-in Murlan Kaufman 1991

Components by Murlan Kaufman

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Patents by Murlan Kaufman

Page Office Number Title Inventors Company Filing date Grant date
Patent US 3530315A US 3530315A Jitter-free triggering circuit Murlan Kaufman Tektronix Inc 1968-03-15 1970-09-22
Patent US 4488093A US 4488093A Color shadow mask cathode ray tubes Doug Haines Keith Taylor Murlan Kaufman Tektronix Inc 1982-03-30 1984-12-11
Patent US 6275257B1 US 6275257B1 Holdoff by TV fields James L. Tallman Murlan Kaufman Tektronix Inc 1998-10-16 2001-08-14


  • Current Measurements at Nanosecond Speeds, Engineering Design News, October 1965
  • How Fast Does Your CRT Write? Electronic Design, July 1975
  • Pick a Logic Analyzer That is Right for Your Job, Instrument and Control Systems, February 1977
  • Expression of the Properties of Logic Analyzers, International Electrotechnical Commission, IEC Standard, Publication 776, 1983
  • A 400 MHz dual-beam oscilloscope (in Tekscope Vol.6 No.4, Sept/Oct 1974)


  • Coordinated HW program development for 8002 with Millennium Information Systems in CA for 6 months in 1977
  • Secretariat on International Electrotechnical Commission WG4 to develop a Logic analyzer standard with inputs from HP, Biomation, Marconi, Schlumberger, meetings in Oslo, London and Budapest, 1977-84
  • Member of corporate technology team for color shutter and A to D conversion, 1981-82
  • Member of Electronic Technical Advisory Committee (EITAC) for the US Dept. of Commerce for export regulations; active in rebuilding controls, meeting 4 times/year in WDC, 1989-96
  • With Marketing, introduced products in the US, Europe and Japan