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Murlan Kaufman was born in Portland, OR on July 14, 1937. He earned a BSEE in 1959 and MSEE in 1968 at Oregon State University.


  • Four summers working for Tek while attending Oregon State University
  • June 1959 to January 1961 at General Electric in New York and Wisconsin
  • January 1961 Design Engineer at Tek until retirement in August 1999

Tek Products

  • Designed P6032, CT-1, CT-2 and 114 pulse generator
  • Inherited and completed design for R293 pulse generator and 184 time mark generator
  • Designed S-51 18 GHz Countdown and 3T5 auto triggering circuit
  • 7B50, 7B51, 7B70 and 7B71 − inherited and completed design
  • 485 − project Leader of the horizontal section
  • 7844 − inherited and completed as project manager
  • 7D01, DF1 and DF2 − project manager
  • DAS9129 − project manager for development of the color display logic analyzer
  • 11400 Series (11401, 11402, 11403) − assistant project manager and responsible for the touch panel and display
  • 11802 − project manager for sampling mainframe and SD-51 21 GHz trigger head
  • 11A81, 11A34V and 11T5H − managed development
  • THS700 series − high voltage isolated front end design
  • Bipolar and BiCMOS IC design for TDS200, TDS300, TDS700 and TDS3000 series oscilloscopes



  • Current Measurements at Nanosecond Speeds, Engineering Design News, October 1965
  • How Fast Does Your CRT Write? Electronic Design, July 1975
  • Pick a Logic Analyzer That is Right for Your Job, Instrument and Control Systems, February 1977
  • Expression of the Properties of Logic Analyzers, International Electrotechnical Commission, IEC Standard, Publication 776, 1983


  • Coordinated HW program development for 8002 with Millennium Information Systems in CA for 6 months in 1977
  • Secretariat on International Electrotechnical Commission WG4 to develop a Logic analyzer standard with inputs from HP, Biomation, Marconi, Schlumberger, meetings in Oslo, London and Budapest, 1977-84
  • Member of corporate technology team for color shutter and A to D conversion, 1981-82
  • Member of Electronic Technical Advisory Committee (EITAC) for the US Dept. of Commerce for export regulations; active in rebuilding controls, meeting 4 times/year in WDC, 1989-96
  • With Marketing, introduced products in the US, Europe and Japan