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Tektronix P6015A
20(40) kV, ×1000 Passive Probe

Compatible with 1 MΩ scope inputs

Produced from 1991 to (?)


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The Tektronix P6015A is a 1000× high-voltage probe usable up to 20 kV (40 kV peak pulse).

It was introduced in 1991 to replace the P6015, which needed to be discontinued because of the ban on its ozone-depleting Freon-114 dielectric filling. The P6015A is still available new as of 2023.

Like the P6015, the A version has a compensating circuit at the scope end of the cable with multiple adjustable RC constants. Its circuit is different from the P6015's, however. Options included a longer cable and a readout pin on the compensation box (only later series like 11K, TDS and 2400s can correctly display the ×1000 factor, 7000-series scopes and other earlier models cannot).

Key Specifications

Bandwidth 75 MHz (10' cable), 25 MHz (25' cable)
Risetime 4.67 ns (10' cable), 14 ns (25' cable)
Attenuation 1000×
Input impedance 100 MΩ // 3 pF
Compensation range 15-50 pF
Max. input voltage 20 kV DC or RMS to 100 kHz, pulse up to 40 kV (10%, < 0.1s)