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Tektronix P6015 in box

The Tektronix P6015 is a 1000 × high-voltage probe usable up to 20 kV (40 kV peak pulse). It can be operated with or without dielectric filling but without this filling, the maximum voltage is reduced to 13 kV (18 kV peak). The original filling material, Freon-114 aka Fluorocarbon 114 (R-114, CFC-114), is no longer available due to its ozone-depleting properties. In later models (P6015A), a silicone based replacement is used.

The P6015 has a compensating circuit at the scope end of the cable with multiple adjustable RC constants.

Derating curves


Attenuation ratio 1000 : 1 (variable by 9%)
Input impedance 100 MΩ // 3 pF
Rise time 4.67 ns
Bandwidth 75 MHz
Max. input voltage
  • With dielectric filling: 20 kV DC or RMS to 100 kHz, pulse up to 40 kV (10%, < 0.1s)
  • Without dielectric filling: 13 kV DC or RMS to 500 kHz, pulse up to 18 kV (10%, < 0.1s)
Termination box