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P6056 probe

The Tektronix P6056 is a 3.5 GHz ×10 probe for 50 Ω-input scopes, released along with the 7A19 amplifier in 1972.

It has an Identify switch and readout contact.

Its sister model P6057 has ×100 attenuation.


Bandwidth DC to 3.5 GHz
Rise time 100 ps
Attenuation 10×
Input impedance 500 Ω // approx. 1 pF
Scope input impedance 50 Ω
Maximum input Voltage 16 V dc or RMS
Features Readout Pin, ID Button



This high performance device has a fragile resistor assembly in the
probe head, subject to failure in rough usage. Use with slip-on tip
whenever possible. One replacement part is provided with the package.
Contact nearest Field Office for additional parts (P/N 307-0330-00), if
required. For replacement and Calibration Procedure, refer to Pg. 3 & 4
of manual.