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The Tektronix P6156 is a DC to 3.5 GHz, compact size, fast-rise, low input capacitance, passive voltage probe with a constant input resistance over a wide range of frequencies. It is designed for use with wide band oscilloscope amplifiers with 50 Ω inputs, such as the Tektronix 11000-series scopes with the 11A71 plug-in.

Options were available for ×1, ×10, ×20 or ×100 attenuation (×1 and ×100 versions with 1.5 GHz bandwidth), with attenuator tips color coded for identification. The termination box has a switch that sets the readout resistor accordingly (×20 is recognized only on 11000 series, not on 7000).

An “identify” button on the probe head provides trace identity and allows control of one or more programmable functions in 11000 Series oscilloscopes.

The P6156 is equipped with a BNC connector that provides trace identify and digital readout information.