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Tektronix PG509
350 ps rise-time pulse generator
Tektronix PG509

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The Tektronix PG509 is a 350 ps rise-time pulse generator plug-in for the TM500 system.

It produces a fixed-amplitude rectangular positive pulse waveform.

The PG509 is intended for use as a stimulus for making measurements. It uses an avalanche transistor and charge line to generate the fast-rising output pulse.

Key Specifications

Amplitude 25 V (specified into 50 Ω), adjustable ±5%
Rise time 350 ±50 ps
Pulse width 44 ±2 ns
Repetition rate 50 kHz ±10%
Pretrigger out 220 mV ±20% into 50 Ω, 115 ns ±25% before output