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Tektronix PM403
Disassembly Probe for 6502
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Compatible with 1220 1225 1230

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The PM403 personality module is a disassembly probe for the MOS Technology 6502 microprocessor. It can be used with the 1230, 1225 and 1220 logic analyzers.

The PM403 can be converted to a PM407 for use with the Motorola 6800/6802 microprocessors with a change of two jumpers and the EPROM.

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Note that the ribbon cables are connected to the board via transition connectors (i.e. not an IDC socket mated with header pins) and thus could not be removed for these photos without desoldering/disassembly. This was done to keep the PCB assembly's profile low so it would fit into the PacTec case.