Precision Sonics UTR-1

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Precision Sonics UTR-1
Ultrasonic plugin
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Compatible with 500-series scopes

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The Precision Sonics UTR-1 is an ultrasonic plug-in for 500-series scopes.

It provides a transmit pulse for the ultrasonic transducer and also amplifies the ultrasonic signals received by the transducer, to be displayed by the scope.

Key Specifications

Transducer interface One or two ceramic, lithium sulphate or quartz ultrasonic transducers
Pulser output 150 V maximum amplitude, 30 ns rise time, repetition rate 1 to 5 kHz
Receiver bandwidth 10-12 MHz / 8-12 MHz / 1 to 8 MHz switchable
Amplifier gain variable over four decades
Damping Control damps reflections in the transducer coaxial cable; Hi (47 Ω), Med (93 Ω); Lo (allows ringing)


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