Pulse Instruments PI-720

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Pulse Instruments PI-720
programmable bipolar DC source
Pulse Instruments PI-720

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The Pulse Instruments PI-720 is a programmable bipolar DC source plug-in for the TM500 system.

It consists of two DC sources that are manually adjustable or digitally programmable in the −25 V to +25 V range, and two 4½ digit DVMs with LED displays for measuring the output voltage or load current.

The manual advises that a PI-952 Bidirectional Instrument Coupler is needed for interfacing to GPIB.

Key Specifications

Output voltage −25 V to +25 V (digital to +24.9878V)
Output current −150 mA to +150 mA
Output resolution 11 bit plus sign, 12 mV per step; with option HR, 1 mV (dual channel) or 0.5 mV (channels combined)
Output resistance < 75 mΩ
Line regulation < 5 mV for ±10% change
Ripple + Noise <1.2 mVp-p @ 25 mA, <2 mVp-p @ 150 mA


Pulse Instruments

Note - for biasing FPAs and CCDs in a multi-channel system, the modern equivalents from Pulse Instruments are: