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Tektronix SD-20
3 GHz High Impedance Probe Sampler
Tektronix SD-14

Compatible with 11800-series scopes

Produced from 1991 to (?)

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The Tektronix SD-14 High Impedance Probe Sampler is a dual-channel, 3 GHz probe sampler designed for high-impedance (100 kΩ) signal acquisition.

It consists of two samplers, each attached at the end of a 1-meter cable. Applications include high-speed device characterization such as ECL, CMOS, ACL and GaAs testing. Option 01 adds a longer probe tip, two probe-to-board adapters, and two probe-to-SMB adapters. These ease probing of plated holes (as found in Outboards for IC testers) and semi-permanent connections.

In conjunction with the 11801C and SM-11 multi-channel unit, it is possible to configure up to 136 channels of high-impedance acquisition with accuracy approaching 140 ps.


Input impedance 100 kΩ // 0.5 pF
Dynamic range 7 V (±3.5 V offset)
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