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Stanley A Griffiths (b. 1938-12-19 – d. 2020-01-19) was employed at Tektronix from 1960-1966 and 1970-1989.

For some period, Stan was one of the proprietors of a scope calibration business called Mobilscope. They built a mobile scope calibration lab in a trailer. Companies who employed the services of Mobilscope could have their scopes serviced with fast turnaround time and no shipping hassle.

Stan owned a large collection of Tektronix equipment and ran a Tek related website (now defunct, partial archive at

He wrote a book, Oscilloscopes: Selecting and Restoring a Classic, covering 300- and 500-series oscilloscopes and plug-ins, and early 400-series (410, 422, 453/454 and 491 spectrum analyzer).