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The Tektronix T5030 aka T503  (P/N 154-0264-00, 154-0265-00, 154-0266-00, 154-0267-00, 154-0341-00) is a CRT used in the 503, 504, 560, 561 and 661. The T5030 uses deflection blanking.

This tube is referred to as a "T503" in the 560 manual. Standard phosphor was P2, with P1, P7, P11 and later also P31 as optional alternatives.

Successor of T5030 is T5031 with a rectangular faceplate.

Part numbers

Part No Name Phosphor Graticule
154-0264-00 (154-264) T5030-1 (T503 P1) P1
154-0265-00 (154-265) T5030-2 (T503 P2) P2 (standard)
154-0266-00 (154-266) T5030-1 (T503 P7) P7
154-0267-00 (154-267) T5030-1 (T503 P11) P1
154-0341-00 (154-341) T5030-1 (T503 P31) P31