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  • If the LCD loses polarization and appears washed out or 'sunburnt', the polarising layers need replacing. The LCD can be carefully dismantled and the polarizers peeled off from both sides of the glass. Clean the glass perfectly with a razorblade scraper, acetone and isopropyl alcohol and reinstall adhesive polarizing sheets. You will need 0° and 90° polarising sheets. Experiment with rotation before sticking in place to ensure optimum image visibility.
  • To fix horizontal lines on the LCD, replace the 3.3 μF, 35 V capacitors on the LCD circuit board with new low-ESR capacitors.

You can use standard radial capacitors laid on their side as long as they fit in the openings in the plastic housing.

  • If your unit has loose BNC connectors and the mounting pegs are broken (preventing them from simply being soldered back into place), they can be replaced with TE Connectivity part number 5414373-1 for a few dollars a piece. If your scope has 4-peg version BNC's, apparently the 2-peg type will fit in their place.
  • A dim CCFL backlight in the LCD can be replaced with a new CCFL, dimensions 100 mm long, 2.6 mm diameter.