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CCFL Backlight of Display

The backlight of the displays age and the light intensity will fall, together with a colour shift towards red.

Replacement CCFLs are available. The original CCFL has a length of ~150 mm and a width of ~2.5 mm. A replacement CCFL that still fits in can be up to 153 mm long, e.g. 2.6 mm × 153 mm

Example of a replacement CCFL:

Size: 2.6 × 153 mm²
Lamp Current: 5±0.5 mA
Running voltage: 330 VAC, Starting voltage: 490 VAC
Surface Brightness: 21000 cdm²
Color Temperature: 7800 Kelvin (X=0.286 and Y=0.283)
Life Rating: 30000 hours

The CCFL assembly (CCFL, wires, silicone isolator and reflector) can be retracted easily from the LCD assembly by pushing the black plastic nose down.


The original display in the TDS3000 series is a NEC NL6448BC20-08...NL6448BC20-08E.